Beitrag in Kommentar (1)

Beitrag in Kommentar
Ralf Michaels, Preamble I: Purposes, legal nature, and scope of the PICC; applicability by courts; use of the PICC for the purpose of interpretation and supplementation and as a model, in: Stefan Vogenauer (Hrsg.), Commentary on the UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts (PICC), 2 Aufl., Oxford University Press, Oxford 2015, 31–109.

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Beitrag in Sammelwerk
Ralf Michaels, What is Non-State Law? A Primer, in: Michael A. Helfand (Hrsg.), Negotiating State and Non-State Law: the Challenge of Global and Local Legal Pluralism, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2015, 41–58.
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