Gastvortrag Jianli Song: „Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in China: Challenges and developments“

Hamburger Vorträge zum chinesischen Recht

  • Datum: 07.11.2017
  • Uhrzeit: 17:00

About the Speaker:
Mr. Jianli Song is a judge at the Supreme People's Court of China, adjudicating on both international civil and commercial cases and judicial review of foreign arbitral awards. He received LL.M. and PhD degrees from Wuhan University in China. He also obtained an LL.M. degree in the United Kingdom. He was a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge at the Lauterpacht Research Center for International Law, as well as a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.

About the Topic:
justWinning a court judgment is by no means the "happay ever after" ending, it is just the beginning of another judicial procedure to recognize and enforce such winning judgment. As regard to the different legal, cultural, stages of economic developments and the rule of law, especially the lack of trust among countries, foreign judgements easily may lead to refused recognition, regardless of international cooperation.The growth of China’s investments and trade with other countries, especially European Union (“EU”) States, have brought about a corresponding increase in cross-border litigations involving EU states’ judgements upon Chinese domiciles. Thus, for foreign parties engaged in disputes with Chinese domiciliary, increasingly a major problem is to secure the recognition and enforcement of an EU court’s decision in Chinese courts. Likewise, there are similar problems for recognition and enforcement of Chinese judgements in the courts of other countries. This presentation is mainly focused on the laws and regulations, current judicial practice, challenges and developments for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in China.

About the Hamburg Lecture Series on Chinese Law:
The "Hamburg Lecture Series on Chinese Law” was established in 2002 as a series of guest lectures from notable legal scholars and legal practitioners, who engagein research stays at the Hamburg Institute. Itaims to provideinsight into legal fields under development in the People’s Republic of China and which are thus attracting great international interest.

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