Event series

Events on Institute’s Research Areas

Current Research in Private International Law
The virtual workshop series “Current Research in Private International Law" is organised by Prof. Dr. Ralf Michaels and Michael Cremer. The series features guest speakers and Institute staff members who present and discuss their work on current developments and research topics in private international law. more
Hamburg Forum on Comparative Animal Law
National and international guests speak on the state, development and future of the legal landscape concerning the human-animal relationship. It is the series’ aim to build bridges – between national and international lines of discourse, between animal rights and animal welfare law, between animal rights and rights of nature, between legal scholarship and the natural sciences and civil society. more

Events on International Law

Afternoon Talks on Islamic Law
Within the framework of the lecture series "Afternoon Talks on Islamic Law", the Research Group “Changes in God's Law - An Inner Islamic Comparison of Family and Succession Laws" regularly invites outstanding researchers working on family law in Islamic countries or other related topics to present and discuss their findings. more
Hamburg Lectures on Chinese Law
In the context of the “Hamburg Lectures on Chinese Law“, outstanding scholars and practitioners share their insights on further legal fields that are currently in transition in the People’s Republic of China and that are thus the subject of international attention. more
Current developments in Japanese law
The Institute has individually and cooperatively organized a series of comparative law symposia concerning Japanese law and has subsequently published various conference volumes. more
Current Research on Turkish Law
For lawyers practicing in Germany and the EU, Turkey is one of the most important foreign jurisdictions. This seminar series invites leading legal scholars and practitioners to present their research and experience on the subject of Turkish law. We have endeavoured to create a forum where international researchers interested in Turkish law and Turkish scholars working on comparative law topics can meet and engage with one another. more
Workshop Series "Private International Law in Africa"
There is a growing interest in the study of private international law in Africa. In an environment of growing international transactions in both civil and commercial matters, private international law can play a significant role in Africa in addressing issues such as globalization, regional economic integration, immigration, etc. The series intends to discuss new scholarly work on private international law in Africa and advance solutions on how the current framework of that field can be improved on the continent. Participation is open to all interested students and researchers. more
Latin America Roundtable
The Latin America Roundtable offers Institute staff, guest scholars and interested members of the public the opportunity to learn more about recent developments in various areas of the civil law of Latin American countries. These sessions focus on a scholarly exchange meant to benefit both speakers and listeners. more

Named Lecture

Ernst Rabel Lecture
The Rabel Lecture is one of the highpoints of academic life at the Institute. It is dedicated to the memory of Ernst Rabel (1874-1955), Institute founder and pioneer of modern comparative law and private international law. The biennial lecture is held by an outstanding researcher from these disciplines and focuses on basic questions arising in a particular area of Institute research. more

Internal events

The Colloquium (Konzil) represents a cornerstone of the academic exchange taking place at the Institute. In addition to the doctoral and post-doctoral candidates working at the Institute, the Colloquium invites the attendance of guest scholars, Institute scholarship holders and interested members of neighbouring law faculties. Typically occurring at six-week intervals, the Colloquium features Institute fellows, postdocs and doctoral students presenting research findings of general interest. more
The Aktuelle Stunde is a weekly workshop. Here questions related to substantive civil law, the history of law, and comparative private law are presented and discussed. Guest researchers also regularly use this forum to present their research and engage in discussion with the institute’s scholars. more

Conflicts Club

The Conflicts Club is a weekly forum for Institute members and guests to share and discuss their work on current problems and developments in private international law and adjacent topics.
The Workshop is a monthly forum for the ongoing work of Anne Röthel’s research group on the law of the person, the family and private life. It is an opportunity to explore the inner workings of the scientific process in an informal environment, to watch ideas form and to probe them in conversation. more
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