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Foundational legal research is varied in nature and touches upon real life. The twice yearly Private Law Gazette reports on research topics and presents Institute scholars along with their current projects. It portrays life at the Institute and offers an overview of current publications and academic events.

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Selected articles

Rights of nature on the upswing

Private Law Gazette 2/2022 – Over the last two decades, the relationships between humans, nature, and law have become an important field of research worldwide. Countries as various as Ecuador, Bolivia, New Zealand, India, and Uganda have already recognized nature as a rights-holder. The global movement has also arrived in Europe, where discussions about or efforts to implement rights of nature are already underway in multiple countries. more

Legal pathways in a dynamic environment. Exploring the Chinese Civil Code through comparative analysis

Private Law Gazette 2/2022 - China’s economic and political stature demands a scholarly response that can surmount linguistic as well as cultural barriers. Much is spoken nowadays of a growing need for competence on China. The Institute can look back all the while on a long scholarly tradition of covering Chinese civil law. The existence of a dedicated China desk goes back to Berlin, to what was then the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Comparative and International Private Law. Legal scholar and sinologist Knut Benjamin Pißler has been running its counterpart at the MPI since 2002. Under Pißler, what used to be the China desk has expanded into the Centre of Expertise on China and Korea. more

Commentary on Supply Chain Act. Orientation for a demanding interdisciplinary topic

Private Law Gazette 2/2022 – Germany is the world's third-largest import nation. The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), adopted by the German Bundestag on 11 July 2021, was preceded by long and difficult debates. For some, the law is a milestone in the fight against exploitation and environmental destruction in developing countries. For others, the legislation creates unreasonable burdens and competitive disadvantages for local companies. In addition, there are many unresolved legal issues, making factual orientation all the more important. more

Keeping an Eye on Digital Platforms

Private Law Gazette 1/2022 - Two sides of the Atlantic discuss new technologies, consumer protection law, and social inequality: From buying groceries, your checking account, and your insurance policies to leisure activities and vacation planning: Practically every mundane undertaking these days involves someone collecting and commercially exploiting your personal data. If this development was a slow burn before, the pandemic has poured on gasoline. Five research institutions launched a joint initiative to produce a seminar series exploring the socioeconomic consequences of the digital age in a legal context. more

A Professional Scholar’s Call to Science

Private Law Gazette 1/2022 - Her field of study, comparative family law, is about the origins of and basic assumptions behind gender roles, concepts of family and parenthood, and the legal forms they take. What motivated Nadjma Yassari, upon whom the University of Hamburg recently bestowed the title of Professor, to embark on this career path? more

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