Institute Scholarship Program

Institute Scholarship Program

Scholarships for International Researchers for 2021

The Institute now accepts applications for its scholarship program. Due to the corona pandemic, the Institute can award only 25 scholarships for a maximum of 3 months for 2021.

The scholarships can be awarded for two periods:

April to June 2021: 10 scholarships
September to December 2021: 15 scholarships

How to Apply

The Max Planck Institute offers a limited number of short-term scholarships (maximum of 3 months) for legal scholars whose primary place of residence is outside of Germany. The scholarships are financed by the Max Planck Society. [more]
Application for a scholarship is made through our online portal. You will need to have a number of different documents available for uploading onto the portal. In terms of what is needed, we recommend that you print and follow the document checklist that we have prepared for this purpose. [more]
After you have assembled the necessary documents, as described in Step 1, they can be uploaded onto our online portal. To use the portal you will first need to register. [more]


When does the next application round begin? How much is my scholarship? Do I need to have health insurance? The answers to these and other questions can be found here. [more]
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