The Institute has individually and cooperatively organized a series of comparative law symposia concerning Japanese law and has subsequently published various conference volumes.

Virtual conference "The Interpretation and Review of Contractual Terms in Asia: The Presentation of a Research Project", 8 December 2020

Virtual conference on December 8, 2020 in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory and the Max Planck Law research network. more

Virtual conference "Responses to the Coronavirus in Japanese and German law", 19/20 August 2020

In the context of the conference, held on 19/20 August 2020, three areas of private law affected by the pandemic were examined: the law of obligations, labour law, and procedural law. A further panel was dedicated to the public law framework. All lectures from the virtual conference can be found here for streaming. more

Event series "Current developments in Japanese law"

22-23 August 2019
Schuldrechtsmodernisierung in Japan aus rechtsvergleichender Perspektive

25 March 2019
Japan: Responsibility and Liability of Digital Platforms, Corporate Law Reform and Profitability, Mediation in internationalen Kindschaftskonflikten

19 April 2018
Japan: Artificial Intelligence R&D Guidelines, Extraterritorial Application of Competition Law, Haftung für Familienmitglieder, Fragen zur Erbrechtsreform

5 September 2017
The Reform of Transport Law and Maritime Law in Japan and Germany

20 March 2017
Japan: Modernization of Payment Systems, Amendment of the Insurance Business Act, spezialisierte Spruchkörper, Family Law in Asia

21 March 2016
Space Activity Law, aktuelle Entwicklungen im internationalen Familienrecht und verfassungswidriges Wiederverheiratungsverbot für Frauen in Japan

23 March 2015
Die japanischen Reformen im Recht der Schuldverschreibungen und im Schuldrecht aus rechtsvergleichender Perspektive

3 March 2014
Dispute Resolution, Law and the Economy in Present-Day Japan

11 March 2013
New Developments in Company and Transport Law in Japan

Contributions to the event series are published regularly in the Journal of Japanese Law.

Symposia on the 20th anniversary of the Journal of Japanese Law

Self-regulation in Private Law in Japan and Germany
4-5 November 2016
Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg

The term ‘self-regulation’ refers to those areas of life that cannot be left to market forces, but which should not be given over to state regulation. This phenomenon is gaining increasing attention in international legal discussion, and private law scholarship is just beginning the process of legal examination and comparative evaluation of it. This symposium aims to pursue these questions from a German-Japanese comparative law perspective.

The results of the symposium were published in a special issue of the Journal of Japanese Law:


Harald Baum, Moritz Bälz, Marc Dernauer (eds.), Self-regulation in Private Law in Japan and Germany, Carl Heymanns Verlag, Köln 2018, VI + 282 pp.

Information Duties under Japanese and German Private Law

23-24 September 2016
Chūō-Universität, Tōkyō

In various areas of private law, information duties constitute something of a golden rule. The duties derive from a legal obligation to provide or make available context-specific information. In Germany as well as Japan, information and disclosure duties have significantly increased in the last 30 years, now serving as a basis of regulation in civil law, commercial law, company law, insurance law and capital market law, among other fields.

The results of the symposium were published in a special issue of the Journal of Japanese Law:

Marc Dernauer, Harald Baum, Moritz Bälz (eds.), Information Duties – Japanese and German Private Law, Carl Heymanns Verlag, Köln 2018, VIII + 284 pp.


Conference Volumes from Symposia with the Participation of the Institute

Keizo Yamamoto, Yuko Nishitani, Harald Baum (eds.), Gegenwärtiger Stand und Aufgabe der Privatautonomie in Japan und Deutschland (Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht, Sonderheft 14), Carl Heymanns Verlag, Köln 2019, VI + 168 pp.
Harald Baum, Moritz Bälz, Karl Riesenhuber (eds.), Rechtstransfer in Japan und Deutschland (Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht, Sonderheft 7), Carl Heymanns Verlag, Köln 2013, VIII + 365 pp.
Harald Baum (ed.), Deutschland und Japan: Zwei Ökonomien im rechtlichen Dialog / Germany and Japan: A Legal Dialogue between Two Economies (Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht, Sonderheft 6), Carl Heymanns Verlag, Köln 2012, VI + 160 pp.
Moritz Bälz, Harald Baum, Jörn Westhoff (eds.), Aktuelle Fragen des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes und des Unternehmensrechts im deutsch-japanischen Rechtsverkehr (Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht, Sonderheft 5), Carl Heymanns Verlag, Köln 2012, VI + 209 pp.
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