Using the Institute library

Using the Institute library  

Legal scholars from Germany and abroad who work in the fields of foreign and international private and commercial law and harmonisation of the law are very welcome to join us as guests in our library. Each year, more than 1,000 guest scholars from around the world conduct research at our library.  

Please note:
Owing to high demand and the reduced number of workspaces available in the library reading rooms (due to Covid-19 restrictions), we regret to inform you that no additional guests will be admitted for multi-day research stays until further notice.

The Institute now accepts new scholarships applications for 2023: Institute Scholarship Program
The application deadline is 15 August 2022.

Day guests must register in advance – in writing – and will be admitted entrance to the Institute for a maximum of one day.

Coronavirus: Protective Measures Update

Access for multi-day research stays

The comprehensive use of the library for multiple days of research with an individual workspace and access to the library stacks and periodical rooms is reserved to doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and professors.

Further information on the authorisation process for self-funded multi-day research stays is available here.

Admission of Day Guests

Individuals needing to review literature on short notice and individuals who are not doctoral candidates, post-doctoral candidates or professors may receive permission to use the library upon demonstration of a significant academic interest that cannot be satisfied by other libraries. Use of the library as a day guest is possible from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, with access limited to the library reading rooms. Applications will be evaluated on an individual basis and must be made in advance and in writing.

To obtain authorization, please fully complete the application for day guest access (available here as PDF or Word document) and send it to the Head of Reader Services. Within a week you will receive a response to your request. Individuals granted permission by the Head of Reader Services will be allowed to review (or copy or scan) a maximum of five volumes per day in the library reading room on the agreed upon date.

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