Research Stays

Research Stays

The Institute stands as one of the most important hubs in the global network of legal scholars conducting research on foreign law, private international law and comparative law. Every year, roughly 1,000 domestic and international guests come to our Institute to pursue their academic work and to exchange information and network with colleagues from around the world.

Please note:
As of 2023 we can again accommodate new visiting scholars in the reading rooms as occupancy in the reading rooms returns to full capacity in the new year. However, because of substantial demand, there are currently very few spots available.

For external scholars who would like to complete a research stay at the Institute, there are three basic paths:

Each year the Institute awards a number of scholarships supporting the research stays of foreign scholars. As a component of the scholarship award, recipients are assigned an individual workspace in the reading room of the library where, with access to the comprehensive library holdings, they can focus on their personal research projects. Scholarship recipients are, in addition, invited to participate in the academic life at the Institute. [more]
Permission to conduct research in the library can be granted where there is a legitimate academic need that cannot be fulfilled by other libraries. Such permission encompasses access to the reading rooms, the library stacks and the journals room. [more]
The Institute also warmly welcomes scholarship recipients and fellows from other renowned organisations. Each year, the Institute hosts scholars from all over the world who conduct research funded by grants provided by foundations and donors such as the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Swiss National Science Foundation, TÜBITAK and the DAAD. [more]
The Welcome Center helps guests and scholarship recipients prepare for and organise their stay at the Institute and in Hamburg. Regardless of the task – whether filling out a scholarship application, searching for housing, securing health insurance or completing a visa application – Barbara Schröder is here to help you with your needs. [more]

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