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Ari Schriber (Utrecht University): Sharīʿa, <i>droit musulman</i>, and Colonial Legality: The Conflict of “Paternity Claim” (<i>istil</i><i>ḥāq</i>) in Colonial-Era Moroccan Courts

Guest lecture as part of the series “Afternoon Talks on Islamic Law” on 30 November 2023. (video available) more


The inaugural #FUTUREOFLAW BarCamp was held at the Institute on 2 November 2023. About seventy participants spent the afternoon in open discussions, exchanging knowledge, standpoints, and ideas about topics for a jurisprudence of the future. Students and doctoral candidates from Germany and abroad attended, together with researchers from the various law-related Max Planck institutes. more

Online Panel: Grundrechte und IPR nach der BVerfG-Entscheidung zum KinderEheBG

The Hamburg Max Planck Institute organized an online panel to discuss implications from the German Federal Constitutional Court Decision on the Act to Combat Child Marriages rendered just prior. more

Bundeswehr und japanische Selbstverteidigungskräfte vor dem Hintergrund der russischen Aggression

Virtual roundtable as part of the series Russia's aggression against Ukraine: Conversations on law and policy implications for Japan and Germany on 24 October 2022. (video available) more

Decolonial Comparative Law Summer School 2023

Around 40 international legal scholars and practitioners came together at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law from July 4 to 8, 2023 for the Decolonial Comparative Law Summer School to discuss the various contexts of as well as the methodological approaches to decolonial comparative law. more

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