Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Drawing on the broad fundamental research that it conducts, the Institute puts its expertise – within the scope of its capacity at the service of the general public. In this regard, of particular importance are expert opinion papers authored by the Institute.

In addition to large-scale studies written for German federal ministries, the European Commission or the Federal Constitutional Court, Institute scholars – when allowed by their existing research tasks and when in the Institute's academic interest – also provide German courts with expert opinions on foreign law and thus support judges in resolving cross-border cases calling for the application of foreign or international private law. Further, to a very limited extent, expert assessments are also provided to notaries and lawyers. Inquiries regarding contract drafting or the preparation of legal proceedings abroad are not accepted.

All legal information is provided on a contract fee basis.

Inquiries should be sent in writing to the Institute. The Institute will not provide legal information over the telephone or by e-mail.

Before sending documents to the Institute, courts and public agencies should make telephone or email contact and inquire if the relevant country desk is currently staffed.

Written inquiries should be made to:

Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Law
Legal Advice
Mittelweg 187
20148 Hamburg

Providing legal services is not the mission or function of the Institute. We appreciate your understanding that we are not in a position to offer legal advice to private individuals.

The Institute is under no obligation to provide legal information and reserves the right in every case to only undertake assignments commensurate with its capabilities and academic interests.

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