German Journal of Chinese Law – GJCL

The GJCL is published by the German-Chinese Association of Jurists together with the Sino-German Institute for Legal Studies in Nanjing, and since 2015 in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute. The Journal publishes reports and analyses of current development in China as well as translations of important new Chinese legislative acts.

Aims and scope

The GJCL is the only ongoing German-language periodical dedicated to publishing detailed reports, analyses and further information on legal developments in China.

Institutional framework

The origins of the GJCL extend back to 1994, when the German-Chinese Association of Jurists (DCJV), together with the German-Chinese Institute for Business Law in Göttingen and Nanjing (People’s Republic of China), published a regular newsletter for Association members containing current information on Chinese civil law, business law, and foreign trade law. The Journal has appeared under its current name since 2004.

The GJCL appears four times a year, comprising approximately 400 printed pages. Editorial direction is in the hands of the Deputy Director of the Sino-German Institute for Legal Studies of the Universities of Göttingen and Nanjing, currently Knut B. Pißler (Hamburg/Nanjing). Support to the managing editor is provided by an academic advisory board, currently Björn Ahl (Cologne), Yuanshi Bu (Freiburg), and Georg Gesk (Osnabrück). The Institute has been a co-publisher of the Journal since 2015 and in particular assures online accessibility in the Open Journal System. Through this platform all issues and articles are available free of charge (Free Access). Technical administration of the online edition is handled by David Schröder-Micheel; final editing is carried out by Anja Rosenthal, and English-language editing is routinely undertaken by Michael Friedman and John Foulks.


Authors are asked to submit manuscripts in the form of Microsoft Word documents. In the event of acceptance, the editorial office reserves the right to revise the citation style and edit the text as necessary. The Journal favours original submissions, though it will in individual cases publish texts that have previously appeared elsewhere.

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