Coronavirus: Protective Measures Update

July 08, 2020

Staff members and guests of the Institute are continuing to work within the limited on-site operation framework. Changes to the rules on restricted entry to the Institute and for public and internal events at the Institute apply from 1 July 2020. Scholarships for 2021 have been suspended.

Chinese Charitable Foundations between the Party state and Society

June 24, 2020

In a joint project, Knut Benjamin Pißler, head of the Centre of Expertise on China and Korea at the Max Planck Institute for Private Law, and Katja Levy (TU Berlin) examine for the first time the situation of charitable foundations in China, exploring in particular their role in China’s authoritarian system. The findings of this study have been published in a work titled “Charity with Chinese Characteristics”.

Jakob Gleim awarded Otto Hahn Medal

June 22, 2020

The Max Planck Society has awarded Jakob Gleim, former research assistant at the Institute, the Otto Hahn Medal for his doctoral dissertation on testamentary arbitration clauses (“Letztwillige Schiedsverfügungen: Geltungsgrund und Geltungsgrenzen”). The study was published recently in the series Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht with Mohr Siebeck.


Responses to the Coronavirus in Japanese and German law

A virtual conference in times of the pandemic
Aug 19, 2020 08:00 - Aug 20, 2020 12:00

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From the European Single Market to the global interweaving of multi-national businesses or financial firms to our increasingly international everyday lives, the world around us is steadily converging. At the same time, our laws are encountering the limits of their application. The Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law embraces the task of critically studying the social, economic and legal challenges of globalisation.

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The Institute library is Europe’s largest library specialising in foreign and international private law and is recognised worldwide for its scope and services. It has a collection of specialist literature from more than 200 countries around the world. The library has a particular focus on acquiring literature from countries that are not easily accessible, such that these can be gathered and made available at one location.

New Releases

Holger Fleischer, Idiosynkrasien im deutschen Personengesellschaftsrecht: Allmähliche Erosion oder erfolgreicher Exportartikel?, Neue Zeitschrift für Gesellschaftsrecht 2020, 601–611.
Holger Fleischer, Geschäftsherrenhaftung in Konzernlagen und Lieferketten: Eine rechtsvergleichende Skizze im Lichte der Konzernverantwortungsinitiative, in: Matthias P. A. Müller, Lucas Forrer, Floris Zuur (eds.), Das Aktienrecht im Wandel – Zum 50. Geburtstag von Hans-Ueli Vogt, Dike, Zürich 2020, 145–167.
Philipp Scholz, Freistellung von Bußgeldern ohne Hauptversammlungsbeschluss durch Kooperationsvereinbarungen?, Neue Zeitschrift für Gesellschaftsrecht 2020, 734–739.
Holger Fleischer, Hans-Ueli Vogt, Susanne Kalss (eds.), Protagonisten im Gesellschaftsrecht (Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht, 131), Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2020, 230 pp.

Holger Fleischer, Schlüsselfiguren im Gesellschaftsrecht und ihr diskursives Zusammenwirken, in: Holger Fleischer, Hans-Ueli Vogt, Susanne Kalss (eds.), Protagonisten im Gesellschaftsrecht, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2020, 1–22.
Claude Witz, Ben Gerrit Köhler, Panorama Droit uniforme de la vente internationale de marchandises, Recueil Dalloz 2020, 1074–1085.
Philipp Scholz, Rechtmäßiges Alternativverhalten bei der Verletzung von Zustimmungsvorbehalten und Berichtspflichten, Die Aktiengesellschaft 2020, 453–461.
Katja Levy, Knut Benjamin Pißler, Charity with Chinese Characteristics – Chinese Charitable Foundations between the Party-state and Society, Elgar, Cheltenham 2020, 320 pp.

In the Spotlight

Corporate Social Responsibility

April 22, 2020

The question of how to reconcile profitability with social responsibility is a key issue that has long been discussed across disciplines. Amidst growing public attention to social and environmental standards as well as the fight against corruption in third countries, the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR) also raises important legal questions.

Fundamental European values under pressure – Protecting the judiciary from partisan influence

May 06, 2020

Assaults on the rule of law can presently be observed in many democratic countries, including, amongst others, Member States of the European Union. Frequently it is the courts that are under attack. Judicial reforms undertaken by Poland’s ruling national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party have led to ongoing dispute in Brussels.

Great Company Charters – Masterpieces of Legal Practice

They broke ground in new entrepreneurial territory, facilitated international connections and carved room for new economic sectors. The company statutes that accompanied the rise of the Medici, Fugger, Siemens and Rockefeller families paved the way for the expansion of these empires. Tested by the challenges of business practice and honed by strategically necessary adaptation, the statutes became innovative models for legal rules governing partnerships and corporations. Their authors were lawyers and jurists who, rather than endeavouring in the creation of legislation or court jurisprudence, served as consultants at the side of business leaders.

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Trailer: Amtseinführung von Prof. Dr. Ralf Michaels

Video November 05, 2019

Im November feierten wir die Amtseinführung von Prof. Ralf Michaels als Direktor unseres Instituts, der das Amt in Nachfolge von Prof. Jürgen Basedow angetreten ist. Nach Grußworten von Institutsdirektor Prof. Reinhard Zimmermann und der Zweiten Bürgermeisterin und Senatorin für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung Katharina Fegebank, sprach Ralf Michaels in seiner Antrittsvorlesung zum Thema „Das marginale Recht“.

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