Alumni Association of the Hamburg Max Planck Institute

Alumni Association of the Hamburg Max Planck Institute

In existence since 1986, the Alumni Association of the Hamburg Max Planck Institute (“Freunde des Hamburger Max-Planck-Instituts für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht e.V.”) offers a forum through which friends and supporters of the Institute, including current and former staff members, guest researchers and scholarship recipients, can remain engaged with the Institute and maintain contact with one another.

The Association pursues the goal of providing both intellectual as well as material support for the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law. It is open to the legal community at large, both domestically and internationally, and thus goes beyond a pure alumni association.

Members are regularly apprised of Institute developments and ongoing research projects. Notice is also sent about scheduled Institute events, at which practical experience and academic knowledge can be exchanged, thus creating impetus for new efforts. In sharing their expertise, members support each other and foster the activities of junior researchers. Further, members also have access to the Institute's library, thus allowing them  to pursue new academic projects.

Membership fees paid into the Association serve to fund the academic mission of the Institute. The Association awards scholarships to foreign guest researchers and supports the Institute library in the acquisition of literature.

The annual meeting of the Alumni Association consists of a symposium on an academic or career-related topic and also the general meeting of the Association. [more]
With the Konrad Zweigert Scholarship the Association supports guest stays at the Institute by exceptional junior foreign researchers. The scholarship is named in honour of the jurist Konrad Zweigert, who led the Institute from 1963 to 1979. [more]
Become a member of our international network! We warmly invite all individuals who share a bond with the Institute to become members of our Association. Through membership you have the opportunity to stay in close contact with the research as well as the scholars of the Institute. We look forward to your joining us! [more]
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