Additional Regular Institute Publications

Alongside publications completed under the lead of the Institute, its staff members are also significant contributors to a number of legal journals and collective works which appear regularly in print. The following list represents a selection of such publications.
”The European Business Organization Law Review“ (EBOR) deals primarily with the areas of corporate governance and capital markets law. The journal adopts an interdisciplinary approach and is geared towards scholars and practitioners. [more]
The “European Company and Financial Law Review” (ECFR) is a leading academic journal serving as a platform for debate across Europe on the drafting and application of European and comparative company and financial market law. It is aimed at universities, lawmakers on the European and national levels, courts, lawyers, banks and other financial service institutions, in-house counsel, accountants and notaries who draft or work with European company and financial law. [more]
Current and fundamental topics regarding German, Austrian and Swiss company and capital markets law are addressed in in a book series – first initiated in 2011 – that is edited by Holger Fleischer, Director at the Max Planck Institute, together with Susanne Kalss, Vienna University of Economics and Business, and Hans-Ueli Vogt, University of Zurich. [more]
The “Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht” (ZEuP) is a leading forum exploring the Europeanization of private law and private law scholarship. The journal considers foundational topics and current developments in relation to EU private law, comparative law and legal history, legal unification, private international law, and individual European private law regimes. [more]
The “Zeitschrift für Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht (ZGR)” functions as a central resource for scholarship and practice in the area of business law. With an emphasis on the traditional focal points of business, company and capital markets law, the journal pays particular attention to interdisciplinary aspects and to the international, especially European, dimension. [more]
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