European Private Law and Harmonisation of Private Law

European Private Law and Harmonisation of Private Law

The Institute aims to offer critical input on developments in European private law from a scholarly perspective. It is committed to providing scholarly guidance through the maze of discourses and regulations, analysing and systematising the puzzle pieces of the piecemeal regulations of European private law, and developing new proposals for solutions.


Paths out of the Labyrinth. European Contract Law – Synthesis and Orientation
At the political level, European lawmakers have for the time being abandoned their attempt to create a uniform European contract law from the tangle of EU Directives, national law and academic reference works. That we need not, however, fall into a state of paralysis is shown by the publication “Commentaries on European Contract Laws”. more
Max Planck Encyclopedia of European Private Law
The development of European private law by means of legislative instruments and regulatory mechanisms of the European Union generally occurs on the basis of decisions serving the short-term requirements of political agendas. There has been no overarching concept and this has resulted in a body of rules that is not easy to penetrate. more
European Insurance Contract Law
One of the most important achievements of the European Union has been the creation of the Internal Market, thus allowing citizens to regularly and directly benefit from the removal of barriers between EU Member States. Cheaper flights, lower roaming charges, access to an ever wider range of products. All of these are cited as advances attributable to the European Internal Market. But has the insurance market witnessed similar improvements? more

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