Academic Exchange and Cooperative Partnerships

Academic Exchange and Cooperative Partnerships

The research work performed by the Centre of Expertise is characterized by academic exchange with domestic and international institutions, organisations and legal scholars.

Cooperation with the CASS Institute of Law

In 2018 the Institute and the Institute of Law at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) entered into a cooperative agreement. The agreement served to institutionalize an academic exchange that had been informally fostered for a number of years through the personal contacts of researchers engaged at each of the respective institutes. The cooperative partnership aims for regular academic exchange, particularly through guest research visits by junior scholars, as well as joint research projects and academic conferences

German-Chinese Associate of Jurists (DCJV)

Founded in 1986, the German-Chinese Association of Jurists (DCJV) works to promote knowledge of Chinese law in the Federal Republic of Germany and knowledge of German law in the People's Republic of China. Towards this end, it organizes conferences on current topics in the development of Chinese law. Its members come mainly from the milieus of law, business, academia and public administration. Since 2005, the head of the Centre of Expertise on China and Korea, Knut Benjamin Pißler, has been a board member, since 2021 Vice President of the DCJV.

Webpage of the DCJV

European China Law Studies Association (ECLS)

The ECLS is a Hamburg-registered association that was founded in 2007. Its mission is to better institutionalise contact between scholars studying Chinese law. In the same year as its founding, the first annual meeting of the association was held in the Hamburg Max Planck Institute. The head of the Centre of Expertise on China and Korea is one of the founding members. The yearly conference, occurring at different locations, offers a forum for discussing research projects and research findings in the field of Chinese law.

Webpage of the ECLS

China-EU School of Law (CESL)

The CESL was established in 2008 on behalf of the European Commission and the People’s Republic of China by a consortium of higher learning institutions in Peking under the guidance of the University of Hamburg. The Hamburg Max Planck Institute participates in the project as an associated institution. The CELS offers Masters programmes for Chinese and international students as well as professional training programmes for Chinese judges, public prosecutors and lawyers. Further, a Chinese-European research and consultation institute has been established whose task is to provide advice and recommendations on the reform of Chinese legislation.

Webpage of the CESL

Summer School on Chinese Law

The summer school that has been conducted since 2007 is targeted at university students, doctoral candidates and practitioners who seek to gain first insights into Chinese law or who wish to expand on their existing knowledge. The programme is conducted by the Deutsch-Chinesisches Institut für Rechtswissenschaft (Sino-German Institute for Legal Studies) at the University of Göttingen in cooperation with the Hamburg Max Planck Institute. The main component of the summer school is the daily lecture course titled Chinese Business Law; instructed by Knut Benjamin Pißler, the course surveys the Chinese legal system, contract law, company law and foreign investment law.

Webpage of the Summer School

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