News from the Research Group on law in Islamic countries

Prof. Nathan J. Brown (George Washington University/HIAS Hamburg): Does Studying Islam Change It? How Universities Structure Religion

Guest lecture as part of the series “Afternoon Talks on Islamic Law” on 22 February 2024. more

Max Planck Lawcast: New Kids on the Block—Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Germany and Iran

In the Max Planck Lawcast, Nadjma Yassari, head of the Research Group 'Changes in God’s Law', explains how societal beliefs and assumptions on the role of mothers and fathers have led legislatures in Germany and Iran to accept or reject egg donation to overcome infertility. more

Ari Schriber (Utrecht University): Sharīʿa, droit musulman, and Colonial Legality: The Conflict of “Paternity Claim” (istilḥāq) in Colonial-Era Moroccan Courts

Guest lecture as part of our series “Afternoon Talks on Islamic Law” on 30 November 2023. more

Dominik Krell receives Otto Hahn Medal

Dominik Krell, former Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, has been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal. The honour is bestowed by the Max Planck Society each year on young researchers for outstanding achievement in connection with their doctoral dissertations. more

Latest Thinking: How Can Emergent National Identity Affect Family Law Reform?

Shéhérazade Elyazidi analyzes at Latest Thinking the interplay between the Kurdish-Iraqi national identity and the 2008 reform of Iraq’s Personal Status Law. more

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