Press and Public Relations

Press and Public Relations

Do you have an interest in the research conducted at our Institute? Whether for journalists, legal practitioners or other individuals interested in the law, this page offers a collection of current information, photographs, contacts and additional information sources.


Background and substance: More about the Institute and our current research projects. more
Everything new: publications, event reports, staff achievements. more

Social Media

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Videos on Institute research, including streamable lectures, conference presentations, and workshop sessions. more
A selection of interviews, podcasts and articles with and by our researchers in print and online media. more

Private Law Gazette

Foundational legal research is varied in nature and touches upon real life. The twice yearly Private Law Gazette reports on research topics and presents Institute scholars along with their current projects. It portrays life at the Institute and offers an overview of current publications and academic events. more

Services for Journalists

Inclusion in the Media Distribution List

By being on our mailing list you will receive press releases on research, events and other Institute activities. To register, please send an email to
Press photos of our directors as well as of the Institute facilities are available here for download at no charge. Please be aware that our press photos are protected by copyright. Their use is permitted only in connection with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law and requires the designation "© MPI für Privatrecht". more
Information on research, events and staff achievements prepared for the press: Our press releases offer you insight into the work of the Institute. more
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