Ralf Michaels made member of the Academia Europaea

September 15, 2020

In September 2020, Prof. Dr. Ralf Michaels, LL.M. (Cambridge), Director at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, joined the ranks of the Academia Europaea. Membership in this scientific society is an honour signifying continuing academic excellence.

The Academia Europaea was founded in 1988 in Cambridge and has its seat in London. The primary goal of the Academy is to promote a wider appreciation of the value of European scholarship and research. Membership is awarded to scholars from throughout Europe (including Russia, Turkey and Israel) and occurs only after nomination of the candidate followed by invitation of the Section Committee. Of the Academy’s roughly 4,000 present members, 72 are Nobel Prize winners.

Ralf Michaels has been a Director at the Institute since 2019. He is, additionally, Global Law Professor at the Queen Mary University of London and Professor of Law at the University of Hamburg. Previously he was Arthur Larson Professor of Law at the Duke University School of Law. His research focuses on comparative law, private international law, private law theory and topics encountered at the intersection of law and globalization.

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