Do I have to be able to speak German to participate in the conference?

The conference will mainly be held in German. We do, however, also welcome English proposals and presentations.

How do you define "early career researcher"?

A standardized and simple definition of “early career researcher”, that can work internationally, is difficult. Regarding the German speaking world, we would consider anyone an early career researcher who has not received a call to a lifetime position as a professor at the moment of submission - i.e. mostly persons working on their doctoral- or post-doctoral thesis (“Habilitation”). As many other countries do not have this system of a second, post-doctoral qualifying thesis, we would ask persons from other countries to adapt this standard themselves. As guidelines we would generally consider an early career researcher someone who – upon submission – does not hold a full professorship or similar permanent position or (if more appropriate in the respective academic system) whose PhD or equivalent was completed no more than 8 years ago.

Is it possible to hold presentations / to submit written contributions by more than one person?

Presentations and written submissions by more than one person are possible if all persons involved are early career researchers.

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