The Institute supports not only the Habilitation (post-doctoral) projects of its own fellows, but also sees itself responsible for bringing together internationally oriented young researchers and for fostering both an exchange of ideas and the creation of academic networks. This aim has been pursued by the Habilitandenkolloquium which has been held biannually at the Institute since its inception in 1999.

Invitations to participate are regularly extended to post-doctoral scholars from German, Austrian and Swiss universities whose academic projects are thematically related to the research undertaken at the Institute and whose work is sufficiently developed to allow a presentation of significant findings. Additional participants include Institute fellows who themselves are working on their post-doctoral dissertations.

The colloquia offer the participants the opportunity to present and discuss their findings with other scholars in a collegial forum. The colloquia which have been held thus far have also been the basis of subsequent scholarly exchanges and cooperative efforts between the participants.

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