What's going on at the MPI?

What's going on at the MPI?

You are cordially invited to exchange ideas with our researchers, to take part in various events and to participate in Institute life in the setting of academic proceedings and informal get-togethers. We offer you a variety of options.

Conferences, symposia, etc.

The Institute hosts a variety of academic events whose attendance is open to all staff and guests. You can find an overview here.

Aktuelle Stunde

The „Aktuelle Stunde“ is organised once each week by Professor Zimmermann and is open to Institute staff and interested guests. Drawing from the fields of private law, legal history and comparative law, a speaker delivers a talk on a topic of current interest with discussion following thereafter.

Frequency: every Thursday, 11:45-13:00
Location: Conference Room 1, 1st Floor (Relocation possible)

You can find an overview of the scheduled events of the "Aktuelle Stunde" either on the Infoscreens in the lobby or in Cafe Max.

Coffee & Law

Twice a month, guests and staff meet over coffee and cookies at our Café Max. Participants are invited to introduce themselves and their research and thus get to know each other in an informal setting.

Stammtisch (After Work Meeting)

On the first Wednesday of the month at 21:00 (rescheduling possible) the Institute "Stammtisch" for guests and staff takes place. The meeting spot changes from month to month and is announced in advance. The Stammtisch allows staff and guests to become acquainted outside of the Institute in a relaxed and social environment.


All interested staff and guests are invited each Wednesday to join in for a game of football on the Moorweide across from the Institute. Meeting place is in the Institute lobby. The exact time will then vary with the sunset and will be announced on the information screens in the foyer and the Café Max and via our email list for guests. Contact person: Oliver Hinz ().

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