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Private Law Gazette

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October 20, 2020

Foundational legal research is varied in nature and embodies real-world issues. In the Private Law Gazette, our twice-yearly newsletter, we report on research undertaken at the Institute and present our academic staff along with their current projects. In addition, we portray life at the Institute and provide an overview of current publications and events.

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Selected articles

Ivana Isailović is co-leader of the project “Gender and Private International Law”, initiated by Institute Director Ralf Michaels. In her view, the interdisciplinary approach will facilitate the analysis of legal rules and court decisions in a wholly new light. What motivates a jurist to turn her focus to gender studies? more

They broke ground in new entrepreneurial territory, facilitated international connections and carved room for new economic sectors. The company statutes that accompanied the rise of the Medici, Fugger, Siemens and Rockefeller families paved the way for the expansion of these empires. Tested by the challenges of business practice and honed by strategically necessary adaptation, the statutes became innovative models for legal rules governing partnerships and corporations. Their authors were lawyers and jurists who, rather than endeavouring in the creation of legislation or court jurisprudence, served as consultants at the side of business leaders. more

The roots of comparative law reach back to antiquity. In the era of globalisation and amidst the harmonisation of private law in Europe, it is more relevant than ever. The “Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law”, published in 2006, provided a ground-breaking critical overview of the worldwide state of development of comparative law. Now the Handbook has been updated and expanded into a second edition published at the beginning of 2019. more

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