Kwamou Eva Feukeu

Research Associate under Prof. Dr. Ralf Michaels

Main Fields of Research

Legal pluralism (Comparative Law), Decolonial Legal Theory, Complexity Theory, Open Systems Theory applied to law and social sciences, Futures Studies, participatory action research methodologies, Diaspora Studies


Kwamou Eva Feukeu co-runs the Decolonial Comparative Law project initiated by Professor Dr Ralf Michaels and Professor Dr Lena Salaymeh at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law (Hamburg). She previously worked for four years as the Africa coordinator for Futures Literacy at UNESCO. She has also organized her own practice as a head futurist for UN Global Pulse Finland, the OECD, the International Development Research Centre, and the French Development Agency. She is an experienced facilitator and lab designer involved in labs run since 2014, mainly in Africa and Europe, for governments, NGOs and CEOs but also in family settings. Feukeu is also a member of the editorial board of two scientific journals, Futures and Prospective et stratégie. She has spoken for a variety of constituencies including Stanford University, the World Bank, the UN Office for Africa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the African Technology Policy Centre.

A legal scholar by training, she has focused her recent work on the role that norms play in the production and evolution of anticipatory systems, using lessons learned from decolonial studies and pluralist legal contexts as evidence of complexity. She is also keen to work on African representations and uses of the future. She is currently a PhD candidate in Complexity Studies and Law at the University of Lancaster (UK). She holds a master’s degree in business litigation and arbitration and a bachelor’s in African Studies from Sciences Po Paris.

Honorary Positions

  • Prospective et stratégie, Poitiers University, Editorial board member
  • 4th Anticipation Conference, Arizona State University, Scientific committee member
  • Swiss National Museum 2024 exhibition 'Switzerland and Colonialism', Zurich, Scientific Advisory Board member
  • Futures (an Elsevier journal), United Kingdom, Editorial board member

Ongoing Affiliations

  • Society for Evolutionary Analysis in Law (S.E.A.L.), Complexity & Law Member
  • Foresight for Development, African futurist
  • Association of Professional Futurists, Member of the Evaluation Foresight group
  • OECD Government Foresight Community, Member
  • Plurality University Network, Member
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