Related Projects

Seminars and symposia considering private law questions in connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 are being held across the world.

Academic events featuring organizers and participants of the SDG Project

Upcoming events

XXI General Congress der International Academy of Comparative Law
23 - 28 October 2022
with Ralf Michaels (together with Daniel Bonilla) as general rapporteur for the topic "Global Legal Pluralism – Rights of Nature"
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Conference of the International Law Association (ILA) 2023

Working group with the participation of Verónica Ruiz Abou-Nigm and Anita Ramasastry preparing a white paper on International Law and UN Agenda 2030 for the ILA 2023 conference.

Past events

Private International Law Festival
University of Edinburgh
16 - 17 May 2022

Programm of the festival

Webinar "El Derecho Internacional Comprometido"
Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación de España, organized by Prof. Guillermo Palao (Valencia)
28 April 2022
Lecture: Verónica Ruiz Abou-Nigm

Conference “El Derecho Internacional Privado para la sustentabilidad y el desarrollo”

Universitat de València, organized by Prof. Pablo Quinzá
7 February 2022
Lectures: Ralf Michaels, Hans van Loon, Verónica Ruiz Abou-Nigm and Mercedes Albornoz

International Workshop "Striving Toward Clean and Affordable Energy: Exploring Transnational Legal Aspects of SDG7"
Cyprus, organized by author Nikitas Hatzimihai
26/27 November 2021
Lectures: Nikitas Hatzimihai, Verónica Ruiz Abou-Nigm

Webinar "How Private International Law Can Make the UN Sustainable Development Goals a Reality"
Under the auspices of the University of Sydney and Monash University, organized by authors Vivienne Bath and Drossos Stamboulakis
23 November 2021
Lectures: Hans van Loon, Verónica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Vivienne Bath and Drossos Stamboulakis

Annual conference of AADI (Argentinian Association of International Law)

Private International Law Section
9 - 11 November 2021
Keynote: Verónica Ruiz Abou-Nigm: La movilización del Derecho Internacional Privado: Hacia un Derecho Internacional Privado comprometido con la sustentabilidad y el desarrollo

Online lecture in the lecture series "Exploring the Ecosystem of International Law"
Jindal Global University, India
29 October 2021
Topic: The Private Side of “Transforming our World – the Role of Private (International) Law in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
(to be published as a Chapter in the forthcoming book “Re-Imagining the International Legal Order")

Other events and initiatives

UNIDROIT And Sustainable Development
Essay Competition

XXIX Jornadas "La comunidad internacional ante el desafío de los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible. El papel de la Unión Europea"
Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales (AEPDIRI).
15 - 17 September 2021

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