Biset Sena Güneş, LL. M. (London)

Senior Research Fellow under Prof. Dr. Ralf Michaels

Main Fields of Research

Private International and Procedural Law, Family and Succession Law in Comparative Perspective, Turkish Private Law and Private International Law


Biset Sena Güneş studied law at Istanbul University in Turkey. She also completed a pre-master’s degree from King’s College London and an LL. M. Degree from Queen Mary University of London with distinction. She is currently completing her doctorate at the University of Regensburg with a comparative law dissertation in the field of international succession law.

She has been awarded several scholarships, including the Institute's Scholarship, DAAD Scholarship, Jean Monnet Scholarship and the Turkish Ministry of National Education Scholarship. She is qualified as a lawyer, notary and mediator in Turkey.

Biset Sena Güneş joined the institute in 2020 as a senior research fellow responsible for Turkey, after having worked for several years as a research assistant at the Chair of Private International and Procedural Law at the University of Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt.

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