Publications apart from the Institutional Series

The research activities of the staff of the Max Planck Institute also find outlet outside the journals and print series regularly published by the Institute.

Individual large scale projects witness the resources of the Institute pooled together, often with the participation of other institutions, and result in enduring reference works having global influence on private law theory and practice.

Jürgen Basedow, Klaus J. Hopt, Reinhard Zimmermann (eds.), Handwörterbuch des Europäischen Privatrechts, with the assistance of Martin Illmer, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2009, LXXIV + 1991 pp.
Jürgen Basedow, Klaus J. Hopt, Reinhard Zimmermann (eds.), The Max Planck Encyclopedia of European Private Law, 2 Bände, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2012, XXXVIII + 1949 pp.
Klaus J. Hopt, Felix Steffek (eds.), Mediation: Principles and Regulation in Comparative Perspective, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2013, LX + 1347 pp.
Jürgen Basedow, Pedro de Miguel Asensio, Graeme Dinwoodie, Josef Drexl, Christian Heinze, Annette Kur, Axel Metzger, Alexander Peukert, Paul Torremans, Mireille van Eechoud (eds.), Conflict of Laws in Intellectual Property – The CLIP Principles and Commentary, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2013, XLVI + 507 pp.
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