Beiträge, Materialien und Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

The Max Planck Institute publishes three print series which address the topics of foreign and international private law. These publications regularly present important findings made in primary areas of Institute inquiry. All three series are open to contributions from external authors and editors.

Noteworthy and in many cases rather extensive works – specifically post-doctoral theses (Habilitationsschriften) and international conference volumes – which treat topics in the Institute’s research areas have been published in the BtrIPR series since 1928. While many of the monographs and general surveys appearing in the series are either authored or overseen at the Institute, the series also publishes works by external authors. The research topics range broadly, from general principles of European private law to the dower in family property law, from the Europeanisation of commercial and business law to the globalisation of competition law. What all of the works in this series share in common is a comparative and analytical approach.

The MatIPR series has appeared since 1951 and primarily treats important source documents and texts on the history, reform and practice of comparative and international private law. Its goal is to make a wide expanse of materials from around the world available for research and teaching purposes, and to systematise these materials. Earlier volumes have included translations of the Greek and Italian civil codes, opinions on the OR2020 Swiss project to reform the law of obligations, and provisions of Chinese civil procedure prepared in the form of handbooks including annotated German translations. Alongside these materials, the series publishes comparative expert reports and more extensive collections of conference papers.

The series of studies, StudIPR, was founded in 1980 as a counterpart to the BtrIPR series. This series primarily features outstanding dissertations, but also publishes other monographs and smaller-scale volumes. These works deal with a broad range of topics from the Institute’s areas of research – as in the case of the BtrIPR series, mostly from a comparative and analytical perspective.

The three series, Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht (BtrIPR), Materialien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht (MatIPR), and Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht (StudIPR) are edited by the directors of the MPI, Professor Holger Fleischer, Professor Ralf Michaels und Professor Reinhard Zimmermann, herausgegeben.

Guidelines for submitting authors

The inclusion of academic work in one of the Institute series (BtrIPR, MatIPR, StudIPR) is predicated on a work being accepted for publication by the Institute directors who make up the editorial board. For this reason, authors should submit an electronic version of the work as a PDF document; gradings and evaluations of the work should also be provided. In the event of acceptance for publication by the editorial board, the manuscript will also be examined by the publisher who will determine any necessary contribution of the author or editor toward printing costs and will prepare the publishing contract.

After acceptance for publication and conclusion of the publishing contract, an additional editorial revision of the work in respect of formal and stylistic matters will be undertaken at the Institute; this is to ensure consistency with the appearance of the pertinent series. Editorial comments as to necessary corrections and revisions must be taken account of in the final preparation of the print-ready reproduction copy. In general, publication in any of the series requires that the authors or editors themselves prepare (or have prepared) a print-ready reproduction copy. Information and guidelines on formatting can be found at the website of the publisher. Assistance on technical matters is provided by the publisher.

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