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Long before their arrival in Hamburg, most guests contact the Welcome Center. One of the most important aspects of a research stay is securing adequate housing. The Welcome Center manages the four guest apartments held by the Institute. From 15 October onwards each year, guests can send reservation requests for the following calendar year to The requests will be attended to in the order of their arrival. Please understand that we cannot attend to requests that arrive before this date. This policy applies to requests for periods from January 2019 onwards.

As these units can by no means meet the total need, the Welcome Center also gives advice for finding housing and maintains a list of potential housing opportunities in Hamburg. Please take care to search for an accommodation in a timely manner. Accommodation for only a few months is hard to find and often rather expensive in Hamburg. We advise our guests to consider accommodations outside the direct neighborhood of the Institute, if need be. Hamburg has a very good network of bus and train lines, so that you will be able to reach the Institute relatively comfortably from other parts of the city too.