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Research Group on Family and Succession Law in Islamic Countries

The Research Group “Changes in God's Law - An Inner Islamic Comparison of Family and Succession Laws" is led by Dr. Nadjma Yassari and has been in existence since 2009. Until the start of 2016 it was funded by the Max Planck Society; owing to the generous support of the Max Planck Foundation and Mrs. Traudl Engelhorn-Vechiatto, herself a long time supporting member of the Max Planck Society, the Research Group will be able to continue its successful work until 2021. [more]

Research Group 2014-2016

The Max Planck Research Group on Family and Succession Law in Islamic Countries continues the work commenced in April 2009 with a new project on child law in Islamic countries. Alongside its leader, Nadjma Yassari, the Group’s personnel includes two post-doctoral candidates, Imen Gallala-Arndt and Lena-Maria Möller, as well as an expert in Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies, Tess Chemnitzer. Additionally, the Group is being assisted by an Egyptian jurist, Mohamed Moussa, charged with proofreading and translations, and by four student assistants (Khashayar Biria, Mesut Akbaba, Fabian Kritzler and Yasar Ohle). [more]

Research Group 2009-2014

The first project of the Research Group primarily focused on marriage and the possibilities for its individual design as well as the impact and scope of family law codifications in selected Islamic countries. The main focal point lies in answering the questions whether and to what extent family law affords individuals the autonomy to design their own legal relations and how this freedom is used. Two doctoral dissertations and two post-doc studies have had as their central theme the scope and limits of this freedom of design. The work of the Research Group finally resulted in a large international conference on the dynamics of legal development in family and succession law in Islamic countries.

Informal Marriages (Nora Alim)

Family Law Codification in the Arab Gulf (Lena-Maria Möller)

Interfaith Marriages (Imen Gallala-Arndt)

Dower Agreements (Nadjma Yassari)

Conference "The Dynamics of Legal Development in Islamic Countries" (17-19/10/2013)

Afternoon Talks on Islamic Law

Within the framework of the lecture series "Afternoon Talks on Islamic Law", the Research Group regularly invites outstanding researchers working on family law in Islamic countries or other related topics to present and discuss their findings. [more]