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Center for Expertise in East Asian Law: China - Japan - Korea

The Institute has fostered a regional research emphasis in East Asia for a number of years. It has in this regard developed into a center of expertise for the leading East Asian national economies of China, Japan and Korea. Representatively, the fields of research bearing primary interest are commercial law, business law and financial market law. Particular attention is dedicated to the comprehensive reforms currently ongoing in corporate law, takeover law, financial market law and corporate governance within Japan. However the development of general civil law, particularly in the People’s Republic of China, is also being documented, commented upon and being made accessible by its translation into German. Since 2005, the law of nonprofit organisations in China has represented an additional focus. Furthermore, topically current subjects form the basis of the ongoing academic dialogue as is illustrated by a translation and explanation on the new international private law regulations in the Republic of Korea and an Institute-sponsored German-Japanese conference on the economic analysis of international private law.

Through establishment of the association European China Law Studies, participation in the China EU School of Law  and the Institute funded lecture series “Hamburger Vorträge” on Chinese Law, the Institute is making a profound contribution to the development of institutionalised structures promoting academic exchange and cooperation with East Asia. At the same time, focus is also being placed upon Japan in conferences which comparatively address legal-economic themes in the “Triad” (EU/USA/Japan). Guest scholars regularly invited to complete a research stay under the aegis of the Institute scholarship program further serves an ongoing academic exchange. Thereby it is shown that Japanese as well as Chinese and Korean legal scholars have great interest in analysing the German and European legal experience and in using this experience and the breadth of corresponding legal materials comparatively in order to further legal reform in their home countries. The extent of this interest is made clear by the Chinese legislature's reception of advice and counsel as provided by Institute staff members who in fields such as property law, tort law, private international law and nonprofit organisation law are working together with the German-based aid and development enterprise GTZ (Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit).

The Institute has allocated individual reporters to the countries of Japan and the duo of China and Korea (Baum for Japan and Pißler for China/Korea), an approach that has for many years ensured unique and uninterrupted attention on regions of increasing legal importance. Particularly with comparative law in respect of Japan, the Max Planck Institute is playing an increasingly significant role within Germany. Among other efforts, the Institute’s East Asian regional departments working in cooperation with the German-Japanese Jurists’ Association and, respectively, the German-Chinese Jurists’ Association, are responsible for the publication of the only two ongoing western legal periodicals dedicated to the law of these regions: for Japan the Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht/Journal of Japanese Law and for China the Zeitschrift für Chinesisches Recht.