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Online version Handwörterbuch des Europäischen Privatrechts
European Private Law and Private Law Unification

One of the most important aims of this research focus is the conceptualisation of a future European private law regime. To create a firm basis for this research, the Institute has combined legal knowledge from all aspects of this subject, including historical and comparative perspectives, in a structured form in the Handwörterbuch des Europäischen Privatrechts published in 2009. This was followed in 2012 by an English version, customised to allow the material to reach a wider international audience and published as the Max Planck Encyclopedia of European Private Law. The Institute also engages at a global level with the challenges thrown up by legal unification, such as in the area of international commercial contracts.


Max Planck Encyclopedia of European Private Law

Principles of European Insurance Contract Law, PEICL

Towards a Revision of the Consumer-Acquis

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