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Commercial, Company and Capital Market Law

Commercial, company and capital market law is another of the Institute’s main research areas. Foundational and current issues are examined critically on a broad comparative basis and placed in a wider historical and international context. The Institute also develops regulatory proposals for reforms at the national, European and international levels as appropriate.

This research particularly distinguishes itself through its interdisciplinary orientation, as is particularly evident in the Institute’s work on company valuation and the law and management of family firms. Social relevance intersects with foundational research on company law in the field of corporate social responsibility. The research series on stories from company law exemplifies an innovative methodological approach.



The Law of Family Firms
Family firms are attracting growing attention in company law research. This comes as little surprise given that family businesses account for 91 per cent of all companies in Germany, employing 57 per cent of the workforce and generating 55 per cent of private sector revenue. In many other countries, too, they are the backbone of the economy. more



Corporate Social Responsibility
The discussion surrounding companies’ social responsibility is more than just a momentary fad. Indeed, this debate touches on fundamental questions of company law: What purposes do modern corporations serve? What goals should they be allowed to pursue? more



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