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International Private and Procedural Law

Questions concerning international legal jurisdiction, cross-border cooperation among courts and judicial authorities, the applicability of foreign legal norms, and the legal force of national court decisions abroad form the foundation of this research area. The advancement of international private law, especially the growing body of conflict-of-law rules in EU legislation, informs the topics of many of the Institute’s research projects.

Along with its comprehensive presentation of this area of law in the Encyclopedia of Private International Law, in recent years the Institute has worked on topics including the relationship of IPR to human rights, the internationalisation of collective labour law, international data protection private law, international succession and property law, and the uniform private law of international conventions and soft law.



Encyclopedia of Private International Law
With the steady advance of globalisation, the practical significance of private international law has grown significantly. The array of private international law questions that arise in disputes and court procedures stemming from cross-border private relations has become standard fare for legal practitioners. A corresponding increase can be seen in the number of legislative activities on the national, international and, most importantly, the European level. Ever more countries are recognizing the importance of the legal field, and new methods are emerging. To date, however, there has not been a contemporary and comprehensive survey of the discipline. The Encyclopedia of Private International Law closes this gap with a reference work that explores these developments not only thematically but also from a country-specific perspective. more



Human Rights and Private Law
Human rights law is assuming increasing importance in private law scholarship. One example here is the question of whether a domestic parent company is directly liable for human rights injuries inflicted by a foreign subsidiary. Similarly, adherence to human rights standards in the manufacture of supply chain products is a subject of increased legislative attention. In the area of cross-border private law relations, a topic traditionally regulated by private international law provisions, courts are increasingly turning to human rights given that private international law regimes vary from country to country and have failed to keep pace with globalisation and its developments. more


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