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Online version Handwörterbuch des Europäischen Privatrechts

European Private Law and Harmonisation of Private Law

The Institute aims to offer critical input on developments in European private law from a scholarly perspective. It is committed to providing scholarly guidance through the maze of discourses and regulations, analysing and systematising the puzzle pieces of the piecemeal regulations of European private law, and developing new proposals for solutions.



Commentaries on European Contract Laws
The publication of Commentaries on European Contract Laws in 2018 marks a milestone in our research in this area. This publication evaluates European contract laws rule by rule, incorporating all relevant reference texts of recent decades into its assessment. It also explores historical and comparative dimensions of regulations. This work thus represents both a point of orientation and a working basis for the further development of European contract laws. more


Handwörterbuch des europäischen Privatrechts
The Institute especially filled this role through the publication of the Handwörterbuch des europäischen Privatrechts in 2009 and the Max Planck Encyclopedia of European Private Law in 2012. In these works, the Institute summarized legal knowledge of European law in a structured form in its entirety – includes its historical and comparative context. more

Quite European – How the Institute Accompanies the Development of Law in Europe
Close cooperation between countries forms the foundation of the European Union. Because private law within the EU is not regulated uniformly, different national legal systems run up against one another in matters involving cross-border business relations, multinational financial institutions, and international family relationships. more




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