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  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Irrtumsanfechtung und Sachmängelgewährleistung beim Kauf von Kunstwerken. Ein Rechtsvergleich des deutschen, französischen und englischen Rechts
    2019. XXIV + 264 pages. StudIPR 418.


    Record sums at international auctions on the one hand and scandals over fakes on the other – these are two extremes of art-world trading brought about by uncertainty over the authenticity of works of art and alterations to attributions. Ines Zander's comparative study throws light on the legal remedies available to buyers and sellers of works of art that turn out to be forgeries or whose authenticity is dubious. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Privates Einheitsrecht
    2019. XXIIV + 290 pages. StudIPR 414.


    The author attempts to establish the concept of the »private uniform law«, based on the functional conditions of such law, as an independent dogmatic category that links certain facts of a case with specific legal consequences. The basis for this is an empirical analysis of English and German case law on selected non-state rules and regulations. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Anerkennung prorogationswidriger Urteile im Europäischen und US-amerikanischen Zivilprozessrecht
    2019. XXV + 334 pages. StudIPR 421.


    Forum selection clauses are integral to achieving jurisdictional legal certainty within the EU. At the same time, judgments delivered by a forum derogatum enjoy recognition and enforcement in all member states. Niklas Brueggemann analyses the role of such clauses in the areas of jurisdiction, lis pendens as well as recognition and enforcement from a systematic, political, and comparative perspective. He proposes a new ground for refusal of recognition where a judgment is rendered in violation of a forum selection clause. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Das europäische Konzerninsolvenzrecht nach der reformierten EuInsVO
    2019. XXIV + 484 pages. StudIPR 422.


    The provisions on insolvency proceedings for members of a group of companies are a novelty in the reformed European Insolvency Regulation. The provisions are supposed to ensure the efficient administration of such proceedings. How these amendments actually measure up is examined and critically evaluated here in Thomas Himmer's study. more

  • The Rabel Journal of Comparative and International Private Law

    RabelsZ Band 83, Heft 3

    Current Issue: Volume 83, Number 3, 2019

    With articles by: Thomas Lord of Cwmgiedd, Holger Fleischer/Konstantin Horn, Christian Peter Hille, Mark Makowsky, J.W.A. (Jan) Biemans/M.R. (Sits) Schreurs, and Marta Infantino/Eleni Zervogianni.


    Further contributions by: Gerhard Hohloch, Thomas Kadner Graziano, Jan Peter Schmidt, Bettina Heiderhoff, Dimitrios K. Stamatiadis, Dieter Martiny, Kurt Siehr, Wolfgang Faber, Stephan Hobe, and Peter Mankowski.

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Gesellschafter- und Geschäftsleiterhaftung im internationalen Zivilverfahrensrecht. Zur internationalen Zuständigkeit nach Brüssel Ia-VO und EuInsVO
    2019. XX + 247 pages. StudIPR 419.


    What are the norms for international jurisdiction when it comes to legal actions against shareholders and managing directors? With an eye on claims made under German law, Jonas Christian Gröning deals with this question in the field of the European Union's international civil procedure law. more

  • German Journal of Chinese Law

    ZChinR, Bd. 26, Nr. 1, 2019Current Issue: Vol. 26, No. 1 (2019)

    With articles by:

    Franz Jürgen Säcker, Yuanshi BU, Andreas Engert, Shuanggen ZHANG, Claudia Schubert, Jieyu FENG, Hongliang WANG, Jan Lieder/Philipp Pordzik, Jian HE, Phillip Hellwege, Jiayuan ZHUANG, Jan von Hein, and Xiaozhe ZHU.

  • Journal of Japanese Law

    ZJapanR Bd. 24, Nr. 47Current Issue: Vol. 24, No. 47 (2019)

    With articles by:

    Keiji Aoyama, Takayuki Kozu, Tetsuya Watanabe, Yumi Nishiyama, John Buchanan/Dominic H. Chai/Simon Deakin, James Claxton/Luke Nottage/Nobumichi Teramura, Shuya Hayashi, Julian Hinz, Peter Kirby, Oliver Remien, and Kunihiro Nakata.


    Further contributions by: 

    Keiko Ishikawa/Tobias Schiebe, Gabriele Koziol, Carsten Griebeler, Harald Baum, Izumi Kurita, and Moritz Bälz.

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Europäisches Kollisionsrecht und internationale Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit. Die Bedeutung der Rom I-Verordnung bei der Bestimmung des anwendbaren materiellen Rechts durch internationale Handelsschiedsgerichte mit Sitz in der EU
    2019. XX + 250 pages. StudIPR 417.


    International commercial arbitration is regularly the subject of controversial debates. In this context Sebastian Gößling analyses to what extent arbitral tribunals fall into the scope of application of the European conflict of laws rules as well as the consequences this would have for the legal practice and a further integration of international commercial arbitration within the European Union. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Islamisch inspirierte Testamente. Ein Beitrag zur Inhaltskontrolle von Verfügungen von Todes wegen
    2019. XV + 140 pages. StudIPR 413.


    How should German civil law deal with a will written by a Muslim testator which follows the traditional sharia law of inheritance? Andrea Issad's study examines the scope of testation and its limits under German law, contributing both to current discussions on the treatment of Islam and Muslims in Germany as well as personal autonomy in cases of death and the balance of freedom and equality in private law generally. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Iura novit curia in internationalen Schiedsverfahren. Eine historisch-rechtsvergleichende Studie zu den Grundlagen der Rechtsermittlung
    2019. XXII + 391 pages. StudIPR 416.


    »Iura novit curia« is not only a rhyme, but also a mystery. Its significance and scope are an unsolved problem in international arbitration proceedings. This makes it necessary to deal with the historical and comparative foundations of determining the content of the applicable law. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Selbstbindung des Erblassers im deutschen und französischen Recht
    2019. XIV + 263 pages. StudIPR 415.


    From the donatio mortis causa of Roman law to the codifications of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the self-commitment of the testator is still a challenge for legal systems in continental Europe, particularly because the testator is bound by legal transactions, whether dead or alive. Fabian Laurent Schirmer investigates parallels in the private autonomy of German and French inheritance law and finds some remarkable similarities. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Ukrainian Private Law and the European Area of Justice
    2019. XI + 321 pages. BtrIPR 127.


    The present collection of essays addresses the development of Ukrainian private law in the course of its ongoing Europeanization. This process is determined by the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, which was concluded in 2014 and obliges Ukraine to implement a diverse number of European legal acts in its national legal system, aiming to achieve the economic integration of Ukraine into the EU internal market. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Rechtswahl und Gerichtsstandsvereinbarung im internationalen Familien- und Erbrecht der EU
    2019. XXI + 272 pages. StudIPR 412.


    To what extent are parties free to choose which law is applicable and which court competent under the EU's regulations on international family and succession law? Marlene Brosch undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the options available, discussing reform proposals that could lead to a more coherent system. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Forderungsbegriff und Zession. Geschichte und Dogmatik der Abtretung in Frankreich und Deutschland
    2019. XXI + 272 pages. StudIPR 411.


    What principles should a modern law of assignment be based on? Lukas Kämper studies how the concept of the claim and the principles governing the law of assignment are doctrinally linked from a historical and comparative perspective in order to subject today's French and German law to a critical analysis. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Transformation der russischen Eigentumsordnung. Eine vergleichende Analyse aus der Sicht des deutschen Rechts
    2019. XXVII + 470 pages. BtrIPR 126.


    Eugenia Kurzynsky-Singer examines how the notion of property has developed in Russian law from a comparative point of view. Analysing the continuity of Russian legal thinking from the Tsarist Empire to the current day, she is able to trace its impact on modern property law. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Interzession naher Angehöriger. Eine Untersuchung in historischer und vergleichender Perspektive
    2018. XX + 639 pages. BtrIPR 125.


    The creation of securities of credit (so-called intercessio) by close relatives imposes a difficult task on every legal system. Stephan Wagner's study analyses the development of the corresponding legal institutions in Continental and English law from a historical and comparative perspective. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Personale Differenzierung im Kaufrecht. Rechtsvergleichende Studie unter Einbeziehung deutscher und französischer Regelungen und internationaler Regelwerke (CISG, UNIDROIT PICC, CESL, CFR)
    2018. XXVII + 337 pages. StudIPR 410.


    Is a special sales law needed for consumer or business contracts? The current legal situation is paradoxical and incomprehensible for users. Lydia Beil compares German, French, and international rules, applying the economic analysis of law approach to show which personal distinctions urgently need to be removed. By so doing, she also contributes to the discussion about a future harmonised European sales law instrument. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Gefahrtragung im europäischen und internationalen Kaufrecht. CISG, INCO-Terms, Vorschlag für ein Gemeinsames Europäisches Kaufrecht, Verbraucherrechterichtlinie und deutsches Recht in vergleichender Perspektive
    2018. XXIII + 343 pages. StudIPR 409.


    Who bears the economic risk of accidental loss or damage of goods once a sales contract has been concluded? Can the buyer still demand delivery and must they pay the purchase price? Sebastian Rosentritt pursues these classic law of obligations questions from a comparative perspective and by taking international trade practice into consideration. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    BtrIPR 124Edited by ANATOL DUTTA and CHRISTIAN HEINZE on Behalf of His Students
    »Mehr Freiheit wagen« – Beiträge zur Emeritierung von Jürgen Basedow
    2018. XXV + 483 pages. BtrIPR 124.


    The present volume includes contributions from adherents of the »Basedow School« on the topics of private law, insurance law, labour law, commercial law, conflict of laws, procedural law and the foundations of law and comparative law. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Anknüpfungsprinzipien im Europäischen Kollisionsrecht. Integrationspolitische Zielsetzungen und das Prinzip der engsten Verbindung
    2018. XXII + 252 pages. StudIPR 408.


    The harmonisation of European conflict of laws legislation calls for a new approach in choosing connecting factors. Anja Sophia Schwemmer investigates how far the classic principle of closest connection is being superimposed or even crowded out by integration policy objectives in the course of creating a European international private law. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Der Trust im italienischen Recht. Eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung vor dem Hintergrund des Haager Trust-Übereinkommens
    2018. XXVIII + 384 pages. StudIPR 405.


    Trusts are an ancient legal construct that were used as long ago as the crusades by knights to organise their financial affairs and secure provision for their families. To this day, the trust has retained (and further expanded) its key position in common law systems. In civil law jurisdictions on the other hand, material reservations still abound as to the use of trusts. By taking Italian law as an example, Leonie Neu shows that this doubt is unjustified and that trusts, with minor adaptations, can play a meaningful role. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Erbverzichte im neuen europäischen Kollisionsrecht. Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung rechtsvergleichender Bezüge und der Problematik des Statutenwechsels
    2018. XXIV + 254 pages. StudIPR 407.


    Succession renunciation agreements raise numerous difficulties in private international law and require re-systematization following the implementation of the European Succession Regulation. Sebastian Seeger takes on this task by examining in particular change of statute difficulties with the help of classical and modern methods of international private law. more

  • Materialien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Handbuch des chinesischen Zivilprozessrechts. Analyse und Materialien 
    2018, XXXII + 869 pages. MatIPR 55.


    The present work is the first German-language publication to comprehensively detail the law of civil procedure in the People's Republic of China. The contributions address not only the applicable legislation but also relevant judicial interpretations issued by the Supreme People's Court and lower court decisions. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Vertragsbeendigung in der Insolvenz. Insolvenzbezogene Lösungsklauseln im Rechtsvergleich
    2018. XXVIII + 434 pages. StudIPR 406.


    Patrick Keinert deals with the validity of ipso facto clauses in executory contracts in the case of insolvency. The results of a comparative analysis of the legal situation in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the USA, and England, are used to develop a practical solution. more

  • Gutachten zum internationalen und ausländischen Privatrecht


    2018. IX + 815 pages.


    The Annual Volume 2012-2014 contains a representative selection of more than 45 expert reports authored by specialized university departments and the Max Planck Institute Hamburg on nearly 35 legal systems. The reports consider many of the questions that typically arise in legal practice in terms of foreign and international private law. Covered topics include family and succession law as well as the law of obligations, property law, company law, insolvency law and procedural law. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Corporate Social Responsibility. Achtes deutsch-österreichisch-schweizerisches Symposium, Hamburg 1.-2. Juni 2017
    2018. XV + 344 pages. BtrIPR 123.


    This volume offers an introduction to the foundational issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR), an emerging field of research in company, accounting and capital market law. Taking questions of CSR in stock corporations, international standards, reporting obligations, the parent company's liability for violations of human rights by its foreign subsidiaries, employee participation, sustainable executive compensation, and the political engagement of companies, the contributions tap into the latest research in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Europäisches Privat- und Wirtschaftsrecht in der Krise
    2018. XX + 370 pages. BtrIPR 122.


    During the economic and sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone, both European and national commercial and economic laws have undergone a severe stress test – and often passed this test only because of significant ad hoc changes to existing legal frameworks and underlying legal principles. The present volume collects the perspectives of German and Greek jurisprudence on the relevant phenomena. It covers a wide spectrum of substantive problems, ranging from questions of European monetary law and the regulation of the banking sector to matters of public economic law, contract and consumer law, insolvency and restructuring law, corporate and securities and labour law. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Wirkungsweise des unionsrechtlichen Anwendungsvorrangs im autonomen IPR
    2018. XXVIII + 538 pages. StudIPR 401.


    Within the scope of EU law, the application of national conflict-of-laws rules to cross-border situations can lead to clashes with EU rights to free movement. The EU's principle of supremacy provides a solution to this. Rene Repasi examines its mechanisms and draws conclusions on how autonomous conflict-of-laws rules of member states are influenced by them. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Bindungswirkung kartellbehördlicher Entscheidungen im Zivilprozess. Zur Verzahnung von Kartellverwaltungs- und Kartellprivatrecht
    2018. XX + 332 pages. StudIPR 402.


    The binding effect of decisions adopted by national competition authorities is a key instrument for facilitating antitrust damages actions. Dirk Wiegandt examines the instrument and demonstrates that it not only interlinks private with public enforcement; conversely, it also impacts on public enforcement of competition law. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Sprache und Recht bei der Europäischen Aktiengesellschaft
    2018. XXV + 432 pages. StudIPR 402.


    Legal terms in European legal texts – such as the Societas Europaea regulation – are often (unintentionally) interpreted by drawing on national legal notions. Wendelin Mayer's comparative study aims at breaking this seemingly bewitching spell of linguistic confusion and establishing a common European starting point for autonomous interpretation. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Transatlantic Whistleblowing. Rechtliche Entwicklung, Funktionsweise und Status quo des Whistleblowings in den USA und seine Bedeutung für Deutschland
    2018. XVIII + 590 pages. StudIPR 404.


    Simon Gerdemann explores the origins, characteristics and ramifications of whistleblowing laws in the United States, analyzes the consequences the current rise and adoption of whistleblowing laws has on European countries like Germany and shows how learning from past experiences in the United States could shape the whistleblowing laws of tomorrow. more



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