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  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Preisbindung der zweiten HandMAREIKE WALTER
    Die Preisbindung der zweiten Hand. Eine Neubewertung im Licht der ökonomischen Analyse und des US-amerikanischen, europäischen, deutschen und schweizerischen Kartellrechts
    2017. XXV + 399 pages. StudIPR 386.


    Retracing legal developments after the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Leegin of 2007, Mareike Walter examines the approach to resale price maintenance within the U.S. and European frameworks. She especially evaluates contemporary economic analysis and implications of the Internet to pursue a fresh assessment of antitrust policy towards vertical price fixing and related practices. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Geltungserhaltende ReduktionALESSIA DEDUAL
    Geltungserhaltende Reduktion. Richterliche Ersatzregelbildung im schweizerischen Vertragsrecht
    2017. XX + 313 pages. StudIPR 381.


    Alessia Dedual investigates the law of so-called partial retention, which describes the reduction of illegal contract provisions to a legally-permitted core. Judicial interventions remedying illegal clauses are thus the focal point of this important study, and are approached through a combination of economic theory and dogmatic analyses. The resulting new and innovative solutions proposed could have a lasting influence on continental European, and particularly Swiss, jurisdiction in the field. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Arthur T. von Mehren und das intern. ZivilverfahreINA VEDIE
    Arthur T. von Mehren und das internationale Zivilverfahrensrecht im transatlantischen Dialog
    2017. XXVI + 417 pages. StudIPR 383.


    Ina Vedie brings the teachings of the American legal scholar Arthur Taylor von Mehren (1922–2006) to the centre of transatlantic comparative law's attention in this volume. She investigates questions of jurisdictional responsibility, cross-border process coordination, and judgment recognition. The influence von Mehren had on the work of the Hague Conference for International Private Law is analysed in the light of the current Judgements Project. more

  • Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht


    Current Issue: Vol. 81, Number 4, 2017

    With articles by:

    Marc-Philippe Weller, Dorothee Einsele, Hannes Wais, and Johan Meeusen/Fieke van Overbeeke/Lore Verhaert.


    Further contributions by:

    Martin Illmer, Björn Steinrötter, Christian Berger, Tiago Ramalho, Rolf H. Weber, Moritz Bälz, Sonja Meier, Regina E. Aebi-Müller, Angelika Siehr, Christoph U. Schmid, Kurt Siehr, and Eike Götz Hosemann.

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Haftungsgrenzen im französischen Deliktsrecht. Zur Reichweite der deliktischen Generalklausel in Art. 1382f. Code civil
    2017. XXII + 382 pages. StudIPR 384.


    The question of adequately formulating the scope of protection is one of the unsolved fundamental problems of European tort law. The German model of the “three small clauses” stands in contrast to the general clause of the French Civil Code's Art. 1382, which does not require rights to be infringed or property to be damaged. Was the open formulation of the protection a defining characteristic of French law right from the start, or was it rather a result of the way the general clause was handled? more

  • Die deutsche Rechtsprechung auf dem Gebiete des Internationalen Privatrechts

    2015im Jahre 2015
    Edited by

    2017. XXII + 848 pages.


    This volume contains all 2015 German court cases on private international law and international procedural law (including references and indices). more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Haftung für culpa in contrahendo in Polen...MALGORZATA WOJTAS
    Die Haftung für culpa in contrahendo in Polen und in Deutschland. Eine Analyse im Kontext des europäischen und internationalen Privatrechts
    2017. XXIV + 320 pages. StudIPR 380.


    The author dissects the legal differences between the German and Polish legal regulation of precontractual liability (culpa in contrahendo) and examines possible solutions for avoiding the negative consequences of the established national regulatory differences in cross-border business transactions. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Schadensersatz im UnionsprivatrechtCHRISTIAN HEINZE
    Schadensersatz im Unionsprivatrecht. Eine Studie zu Effektivität und Durchsetzung des Europäischen Privatrechts am Beispiel des Haftungsrechts

    2017. XXV + 700 pages. BtrIPR 119.


    What are the consequences for a damages claim if the right which has been violated is based on European and not national law? This question is addressed by Christian Heinze, taking the fields of competition law, consumer law, product liability law and travel and transport law as examples. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Das Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Schiedsrichter und Parteivertreter in der internationalen Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit. Insbesondere unter den IBA Guidelines on Party Representation in International Arbitration
    2017. XXII + 299 pages. StudIPR 379.


    Arbitrators and counsel both play a crucial role in international arbitration. Sophie-Isabelle Horst examines conflicts of interest between them with regard to the challenge of arbitrators, the parties' responsibility to avoid conflicts and counsel disqualification. more

  • Zeitschrift für Chinesisches Recht

    ZChinRCurrent Issue: Vol. 24, No. 2 (2017)

    With articles by:

    Xianzhong SUN, Stefanie Tetz, Joachim Glatter, Jörg-Michael Scheil, Sabine Stricker-Kellerer, and Andreas Lauffs.


    Further contributions by: 

    Knut Benjammin Pißler and Knut Benjammin Pißler/Benjamin Julius Groth.

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Das Gebot zur Führung des Rechtsformzusatzes im Kapitalgesellschaftsrecht. Verstoßfolgen und kollisionsrechtliche Anknüpfung
    2017. XXV + 192 pages. StudIPR 378.


    In her two-step analysis, Jacqueline Päßler first assesses how German private law reacts to legal form deceptions when limited companies are set up, and then goes on to examine whether these mechanisms can be applied to foreign – and especially European – companies under conflict of laws rules. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die internationale Produkthaftung nach Inkrafttreten der Rom II-VO im Vergleich zu der Rechtslage in den USA
    2017. XXIII + 218 pages. StudIPR 377.


    Sarah Sammeck examines whether the strict hierarchical order of connecting factors in Article 5 or the more flexible conflict of law rules in New York and in Louisiana provide for the right balance between legal certainty and predictability on the one hand, and the need for flexibility and equity on the other. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Vermögensauseinandersetzung nichtehelicher Lebensgemeinschaften in Deutschland und Frankreich. Eine rechtsvergleichende Analyse mit abgrenzender Betrachtung der Vermögensauseinandersetzung von Ehen und registrierten Partnerschaften
    2017. XX + 323 pages. StudIPR 374.


    Nicola Hoischen compares what happens to property when a non-marital relationship ends in Germany and France. She also examines whether a registered partnership similar to the increasingly popular French “Pacte civil de Solidarité” should be introduced in Germany. more

  • Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht

    ZJapanRCurrent Issue: Vol. 22, No. 43 (2017)

    With articles by:

    Souichirou Kozuka, Yuko Nishitani, Gabriele Koziol, J. Mark Ramseyer, Lars Markert, Teppei Ono, Andrew R. J. Watson, Ioan Trifu, and Yasuhiro Okuda/Yukinori Udagawa./p>


    Further contributions by: 

    Dan Tidten, Atsuhiro Furuta, Andrew R. J. Watson, Harald Baum, Gabriele Koziol, and Anna Katharina Klasen/Michael Pfeifer.

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die internationale Zuständigkeit für Schadensersatzklagen gegen Weltkartelle. Koordination der Gerichtspflichtigkeit in Europa und den USA
    2017. XX + 268 pages. StudIPR 376.


    To which courts can parties wronged by globally active cartels bring their claims for compensation? Jonas Wäschle examines this topical question with reference to German and US laws, and in addition explores if it might be possible to coordinate the exercising of jurisdiction in the two systems. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    ParteiautonomieTHOMAS RICHTER
    Parteiautonomie im Internationalen Immaterialgüterrecht Eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung de lege lata und de lege ferenda
    2017. XXXIV + 430 pages. StudIPR 375.


    To what extent can parties choose the applicable law relating to intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents and copyrights? Thomas Richter analyzes the admissibility and the scope of a choice of law with regard to intellectual property rights infringements and contracts under the international private law rules of the EU, the US and Switzerland. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Versprechen und ZufallSUSANNE ZWIRLEIN
    Versprechen und Zufall. Eine historisch-vergleichende Studie zur Gefahrtragung beim Kauf beweglicher Sachen im englischen und deutschen Recht
    2017. XIII + 331 pages. StudIPR 372.


    What happens to a sales contract when the goods for sale perish before the performance is completed? This question raises the fundamental problem of the binding effect of promises. The study offers an analysis of the answers to this problem in English and German law from the Middle Ages until the present day. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Schadensersatz wegen der Verletzung [...]JENNIFER ANTOMO
    Schadensersatz wegen der Verletzung einer internationalen Gerichtsstandsvereinbarung? Eine Untersuchung von Schadensersatz- und anderen materiellrechtlichen Erstattungsansprüchen wegen der Missachtung einer internationalen Gerichtsstandsvereinbarung
    2017. XXXVI + 719 pages. StudIPR 373.


    Jennifer Antomo examines if it would be possible to claim damages for breaches of international choice of court agreements. She analyses relevant foreign case law, and discusses the topic's dogmatic and political aspects from the German courts' perspective. She then goes on to explore the differences arising from the application of the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements and the revised Brussels I Regulation. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Parteiautonomie im chinesischen ...PETER LEIBKUECHLER
    Die Parteiautonomie im chinesischen internationalen Privatrecht. Das Recht der Volksrepublik China im Lichte eines Vergleichs mit deutschem und europäischem Kollisionsrecht
    2017. XXIV + 292 pages. StudIPR 371.


    Every private international dispute poses the important question of which law to apply. In 2010, the People's Republic of China enacted legislation allowing parties involved the freedom to choose for themselves. Peter Leibküchler offers an analysis of this development in statutory law, literature and state jurisdiction. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Bestimmung des anwendbaren RechtsBERIT GEUENICH
    Die Bestimmung des anwendbaren Rechts im Falle der internationalprivatrechtlichen Verweisung auf einen territorialen Mehrrechtsstaat. Rechtsvergleich, Haager Übereinkommen, Art. 4 Abs. 3 EGBGB, Europäisches IPR
    2017. XXXIV + 487 pages. StudIPR 370.


    In the case of a legal dispute with an international dimension and a link to a territorial multi-unit state, how can a single territorial unit be determined whose law is to be applied? By considering the historical origins of this issue in jurisprudence and examining the development of provisions in the Hague Conventions, [...] more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Erwerb mit Mitteln der ErbschaftDOMINIK RUSSMANN
    Erwerb mit Mitteln der Erbschaft. Die rechtsgeschäftliche dingliche Surrogation gemäß §§ 2019 I, 2111 I 1 BGB vor dem Hintergrund des »tracing« im englischen Recht
    2017. XX + 377 pages. StudIPR 369.


    A functioning law of real subrogation has to be able to identify substitute assets even under complex conditions. With the help of English tracing law, Dominik Rußmann develops identification rules for ss. 2019 (1), 2111 (1) of the German Civil Code. The author focuses on issues of property and succession law and how these are tied up with insolvency law. He offers new solutions for a host of problematic and disputed situations. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Alternative Initial Public Offering ModelsAXEL MOELLER
    Alternative Initial Public Offering Models. The Law and Economics Pertaining of Shell Company Listings on German Capital Markets
    2016. XIX + 112 pages. StudIPR 368.


    The continuous search for improved methods of public equity financing has resulted in the derivation of alternative models for listing companies on stock exchanges. Axel Moeller seeks to answer the questions pertaining to the practical implementation of such models in Germany from a law and economics perspective. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Die Haftung von RatingagenturenSTEFANIE SEIBOLD
    Die Haftung von Ratingagenturen nach deutschem, französischem, englischem und europäischem Recht
    2016. XXI + 240 pages. StudIPR 367.


    Ratings significantly determine finance terms for issuers and conditions for investors in capital markets. Should these prove incorrect, those involved can suffer significant financial damage. Stefanie Seibold addresses the question of if and, if applicable, under which circumstances credit rating agencies can be held liable. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Schadensversicherung im ukrainischen RechtNAZAR PANYCH
    Schadensversicherung im ukrainischen Recht
    2016. XVII + 354 pages. StudIPR 363.


    Private insurance, including damage policies, is a growing and important part of the Ukrainian economy. However, interested scholars and practitioners are confronted by a special law standardised in three statue books and in need of reform. Nazar Panych systematically analyses Ukrainian indemnity insurance principles and offers theoretical and practical reform suggestions. more

  • Max Planck Private Law Research Paper Series

    Research Paper SeriesCurrent eJournal: Vol. 6, No. 9: Dec 22, 2016

    With articles by:

    Jürgen Samtleben, Samuel Fulli-Lemaire und Brooke Adele Marshall.

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Gutgläubiger Erwerb und Ersitzung von Kunst...JULIANE SCHELLERER
    Gutgläubiger Erwerb und Ersitzung von Kunstgegenständen. BGB, Kunsthandel, Europäisches Privatrecht
    2016. XVIII + 198 pages. StudIPR 362.


    How much dilligence is required when acquiring works of fine art and cultural objects? Juliane Schellerer explores the question of acquisitions made in good faith from a non-entitled seller, taking into account art trade practice and cases dealt with as well as the suggestions of the Draft Common Frame of Reference for a European property law. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    German and Asian PerspectivesHOLGER FLEISCHER, HIDEKI KANDA, KON SIK KIM und PETER MÜLBERT (eds.)
    German and Asian Perspectives on Company Law. Law and Policy Perspectives
    2016. XI + 377 pages. BtrIPR 118.


    This volume offers a broad comparative analysis of foundational company law topics in Germany, China, Japan and South Korea. It examines issues of directors‘ liability and capital maintenance and analyses the role of shareholders in public companies as well as the regulation of groups of companies in these four jurisdictions. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Anerkennung und Vollstreckung drittstaatlicher ...HELENA CHARLOTTE LAUGWITZ
    Die Anerkennung und Vollstreckung drittstaatlicher Entscheidungen in Zivil- und Handelssachen. Rechts­verglei­chende Betrachtung und europäische Regelungsoptionen
    2016. XXV + 531 pages. StudIPR 365.


    While the recognition and enforcement of European judgments were unified by the Brussels I Regulation and the Lugano Convention, the recognition of third states' judgments is still subject to a complex system of national laws and international conventions. Against this backdrop, Helena Laugwitz examines the systems established by German, English and French law and develops approaches for future provisions on a European level. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Europäisierung des ReisevertragsrechtsAGNIESZKA CHAMBELLAN
    Europäisierung des Reisevertragsrechts. Die Mängelrechte des Reisenden im deutsch-polnischen Rechtsvergleich
    2016. XX + 216 pages. StudIPR 366.


    International package tours are part and parcel of this mobile day and age, and both tour operator and customer ought to know their contractural rights. But despite a common European directive on package travel, the neighbouring lands of Germany and Poland are miles apart in this respect. Agnieszka Chambellan explores how the two legal regimes measure up with the directive. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Der strukturell unterlegene UnternehmerMATHÄUS MOGENDORF
    Der strukturell unterlegene Unternehmer im Internationalen Privat- und Verfahrensrecht. Eine vergleichende Untersuchung des europäischen und US-amerikanischen Rechts
    2016. XXIV + 403 pages. StudIPR 360.


    The author examines the growing trend in the United States and the European Union to protect small and medium-sized enterprises in B2B cross-border transactions, focusing on protective regulation in the jurisdictions' private international and procedural laws. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Special Economic ZonesJÜRGEN BASEDOW, TOSHIYUKI KONO (eds.)
    SSpecial Economic Zones. Law and Policy Perspectives
    2016. XI + 259 pages. BtrIPR 117.


    Special Economic Zones are often recommended as tools to boost the economy. The book deals with economic, legal and political aspects of their establishment. As an instrument of economic policy, Special Economic Zones have attracted little attention in Europe. By contrast, they have found notable use in various Asian countries. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Sprachprobleme und SprachrisikenMAXIMILIAN KUMMER
    Sprachprobleme und Sprachrisiken. Lösungsansätze des Draft Common Frame of Reference
    2016. XX + 285 pages. StudIPR 364.


    Over the past few years, intensive efforts have been made to unify European private law. One example of this is the Draft Common Frame of Reference. Maximilian Kummer asks whether this draft sufficiently considers the heightened risk of misunderstandings in transnational and cross-lingual contractual relations in particular, and shows the extreme importance of communication while drafting and closing contracts. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Das japanische InsiderrechtMARKUS THIER
    Das japanische Insiderrecht
    2016. XVIII + 234 pages. StudIPR 359.


    Markus Thier analyses the complex insider trading law of Japan from a comparative perspective. He finds that the regulations, modelled on U.S. securities law, at the same time can serve as an illustrative example of a legal transplant which remained ineffective in a different Japanese context. Only against the backdrop of a changing context they gradually evolved into an effective Japanese insider regulation regime of its own. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Selbstbestimmtes TestierenGREGOR CHRISTANDL
    Selbstbestimmtes Testieren in einer alternden Gesellschaft. Eine Untersuchung zum Schutz des Erblassers vor Fremdbestimmung
    2016. XXVII + 451 pages. BtrIPR 116.


    Against the backdrop of demographic change, Gregor Christandl asks how current inheritance law meets the needs of so-called “vulnerable testators” to exercise their freedom as self-determinedly as possible and which measures could be taken to better protect against undue influence. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Verkehrsschutz im englischen PrivatrechtLUKAS RADEMACHER
    Verkehrsschutz im englischen Privatrecht. Zur Beständigkeit von Erwerbsvorgängen nach englischem Sachen-, Stellvertretungs-, Abtretungs- und Bereicherungsrecht
    2016. XVI + 286 pages. StudIPR 361.


    The German laws of property, agency, assignment, and unjust enrichment rely to varying degrees on the principle of protecting commercial expectations. Lukas Rademacher examines the significance of the transferee's interests under English private law in this comparative study. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    RechtskulturPETER MANKOWSKI

    2016. XLVIII + 547 pages. BtrIPR 115.


    Legal culture has become a key notion in law and society. But how to describe it? Peter Mankowski provides answers by highlighting its development and structures. In short, legal culture is colourful and mirrors the vitality of law and life. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Legislators, Judges, and ProfessorsJÜRGEN BASEDOW, HOLGER FLEISCHER, REINHARD ZIMMERMANN (eds.)
    Legislators, Judges, and Professors

    2016. XIII + 249 pages. BtrIPR 114.


    This volume presents the papers given at a symposium held by the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, in cooperation with the Association Internationale des Sciences Juridiques and the Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung. It continues the Institute’s recent line of comparative studies investigating questions of legal methodology. more

  • Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Zukunftsperspektiven der RechtsvergleichungREINHARD ZIMMERMANN (ed.)
    Zukunftsperspektiven der Rechtsvergleichung

    2016. XX + 267 pages. BtrIPR 113.


    The contributions in this volume, delivered at a symposium marking Hein Kötz's 80th birthday cover a breadth of topics and methods befitting of a man who maintains that no one single point of view can hold all the answers in a complex world. The work poses the challenging question of just what can and should be meaningfully compared when drawing from the conflict of laws, property law, commercial law, tort law, comparative law in a post-secular society, the comparison of legal systems, competition between regulatory models and combining doctrinal and non-doctrinal approaches. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Der verbraucherrechtliche UnternehmerbegriffANNE SPRINGOB
    Der verbraucherrechtliche Unternehmerbegriff. Seine Übertragung auf das deutsche HGB nach Vorbild der UGB-Reform in Österreich
    2016. XXI + 296 pages. StudIPR 353.


    Germany’s commercial law is in need of reform and its code does not apply to all entrepreneurs, with the likes of freelancers, farmers and foresters still enjoying certain privileges. Austria partly abolished these and defined the term entrepreneur in 2007. Anne Springob argues that this model could and should be adopted. more

  • Materialien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    OR 2020 – Die schweizerische Schuldrechtsreform aus vergleichender Sicht

    2016, IX + 317 pages. MatIPR 54.


    A group of academics drawn from all Switzerland’s law faculties presented an obligations law reform proposal in 2013. The innovative proposal is worthy of comment and is of international legal interest in that it also contributes to the ongoing debate on a European law of obligations. This volume presents the collected proceedings of a joint conference held with the universities of Bochum and Würzburg. Following an introduction from a Swiss perspective, German jurists discuss the proposal from a comparative point of view. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Internationaler Entscheidungseinklang im europäiscSARAH NIETNER
    Internationaler Entscheidungseinklang im europäischen Kollisionsrecht
    2016. XXVII + 366 pages. StudIPR 358.


    What role does decisional harmony play in European private international law? Sarah Nietner evaluates the EU’s regulations on renvoi, for states with more than one legal system, and on preliminary questions as well as overriding mandatory provisions. She concludes by making proposals for reform. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Corporate Governance in Deutschland und FrankreichCHLOÉ LIGNIER
    Corporate Governance in Deutschland und Frankreich
    2016. XXVI + 326 pages. StudIPR 357.


    The current economic crisis means that the efficient leadership and monitoring of stock exchange listed corporations are at the centre of political and legal debates. Chloé Lignier investigates corporate governance systems and legal regulations in Germany and France as well as possible sanctions for corporations deviating from the principles of good leadership which are anchored in the corresponding national codes. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Piraterie in der Seeversicherung des ReedersJONATHAN WENNEKERS
    Piraterie in der Seeversicherung des Reeders
    2016. XXI + 291 pages. StudIPR 356.


    This work is a study of the fundamental legal issues of sea piracy in marine insurance law. Jonathan Wennekers in particular examines the meaning of the term piracy in insurance clauses and offers solutions to the problem of whether ransom payments are covered by a shipowner's hull insurance. more
  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Sicherungsinstrumente beim GrundstückserwerbANDRÉ-PIERRE RESCH
    Sicherungsinstrumente beim Grundstückserwerb. Eine rechtsvergleichende Betrachtung der Rechte an Grundstücken, der Grundstücksregister und des Grunderwerbsverfahrens in Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika
    2016. XXIX + 498 pages. StudIPR 355.


    Whereas the German legal system requires the involvement of a notary for real estate conveyancing, American practice relies on the so-called title insurance. This study provides a functional comparison of both types of proceedings, concluding with an evaluation of their respective security levels. more
  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Das Widerrufsrecht bei KaufverträgenMICHAEL HÖHNE
    Das Widerrufsrecht bei Kaufverträgen im Spannungsverhältnis von Opportunismus und Effektivität. Die Rückabwicklung nach Widerruf unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Verhaltensökonomik
    2016. XXVII + 289 pages. StudIPR 354.


    Consumers may take advantage of the right of withdrawal to cancel  purchase agreements, however its effectiveness must be offset with restrictions to limit opportunistic behaviour. Michael Höhne has analysed the reversal process in light of this complex balancing act. more

  • Studien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht

    Private International Law in VietnamTHI HONG TRINH NGUYEN
    Private International Law in Vietnam. On General Issues, Contracts and Torts in Light of European Developments
    2016. XV + 264 pages. StudIPR 352.


    Trinh Nguyen studies Vietnamese private international law in the light of European developments. She focuses on general issues, contracts and torts and uses comparative law to propose future developments for Vietnam based on the critical evaluation of the western doctrine. more



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