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About the Friends of the Institute

The non-profit association “Friends of the Hamburg Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law” (Freunde des Hamburger Max-Planck-Instituts für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht e.V.) was established in 1986.


The goal of the Association is supporting the scholarly work of the Institute and its library.  These ends are achieved through conferences and other events, financial contributions on behalf of the library, the distribution of grants to international guest scholars and other efforts in furtherance of the academic mission of the Institute.  Additionally, the Association fosters opportunities for contact between the Institute and its current and former fellows, guests and friends as well as the many individuals and business interested in the work of the Institute.


In promotion of such contact, the Association hosts a yearly academic reception at the Institute immediately followed by a General Meeting of the Members.  Additionally, members receive regular invitations to special events taking place at the Institute, e.g., the Ernst-Rabel Lecture Series.  As evaluated by the Board of Directors, the Association accepts as members any individual or corporation that is connected with the work of the Institute.


As of 13 June 2009, the Association boasts 343 members.  From these individuals, approximately one third live in Germany, one third in European countries outside Germany and one third outside of Europe entirely.  The yearly membership fees are a minimum of € 25 for individuals and € 50 for corporations or other legal entities. Yearly membership fees are waived for individuals making a one-time payment of € 500. A reduced annual fee of € 10 is available for members who have not yet completed their professional training and education.

Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Institute