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Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rainer Kulms, LL.M. (Michigan)

Senior Research Fellow with responsibility for USA (Economic Law)

Phone: +49 40 419 00 - 313

Facsimile: +49 40 419 00 - 288


Main Fields of Research:

Private Law, German, European and US Corporate, Capital Market and Business Laws (including their economic aspects), Comparative Law

Academic Career:

1982 Master of Laws, University of Michigan Law School Ann Arbor/USA; 1987 Dr. iur University of Hamburg, subsequently several years of employment in industry as in-house counsel; 1999 Postgraduate Degree of ‘Habilitation’, University of Hamburg; since 2003 Editor-in-Chief of the European Business Organization Law Review; Lecturer for classes at the University of Hamburg (European Master Programme for Law and Economics); Lent Term 2008 Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge (Wolfson College); since 2009 member of the ‘Flying Faculty’ of the China-EU School of Law in Beijing; visiting professor at the universities of Belgrade, Timisoara and Tirana, and Chinese universities; since April 2017 Adjunct Professor at the School of Law and Economics of the China University of Political Science and Law

Recent Publications

I. Edited Works

Private Law in Eastern Europe. Autonomous Developments or Legal Transplants? (Materialien zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht, 50), Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2010, 503 pp. (together with Christa Jessel-Holst et al.).

Private Law Reform in South East Europe – Liber Amicorum Jessel-Holst, Faculty of Law University of Belgrade, Belgrad 2010, 525 pp. (together with Mirko Vasiljević et al.).

Aufbruch nach Europa. 75 Jahre Max-Planck-Institut für Privatrecht, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2001, XXIII + 1105 pp. (together with Jürgen Basedow et al.).

II. Books and Monographs

Rechtshilfe und Rechtsstaat – Die Zustellung einer US-amerikanischen Class Action in Deutschland, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2006, XVIII + 199 pp. (together with Klaus J. Hopt, Jan von Hein).

Schuldrechtliche Organisationsverträge in der Unternehmenskooperation, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden 2000, 314 pp.

Das Antidumpingrecht im amerikanischen und europäischen Recht – Eine Untersuchung anhand der Stahlkrise, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft., Baden-Baden 1988, 373 pp.

III. Shorter Works in Collections, Commentaries, Handbooks and Encyclopaedia

Enforcement of Company and Securities Laws in Germany: An Exercise in Diversity, in: Robin Hui Huang, Nicholas Calcina Howson (eds.), Enforcement of Corporate and Securities Law – China and the World, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2017, 371 - 399.

Germany between Trust and Treuhand (Übersetzung ins Tschechische, Německo mezi trustem a Treuhandem), in: Luboš Tichý, Kateřina Ronovská, Miloš Koci (eds.), Trust a srovnatelné instituty v Evropé, Vydala Univerziteta Karlova v Praze, Praha 2014, 9 - 26.

Trusts in Modern Finance (Übersetzung ins Tschechische, Institut Trust v moderním finančnictví), in: Luboš Tichý, Kateřina Ronovská, Miloš Koci (eds.), Trust a srovnatelné instituty v Evropé, Vydala Univerziteta Karlova v Praze, Praha 2014, 189 - 202.

IV. Journal Articles

Crowdlending – an Alternative to Banking, Pravo i privreda 54, 4-6 (2017), 348 - 365.

Competition Law Enforcement under Informational Asymmetry, China-EU Law Journal 5 (2017), 209 - 231.

  • Max Planck Private Law Research Paper No. 17/5

Trusts as Vehicles for Investment, European Review of Private Law 2016, 1091 - 1118.

  • Max Planck Private Law Research Paper No. 17/7

V. Reviews

Review of: Harald Bösch, Liechtensteinisches Stiftungsrecht (The Liechtenstein Law on Foundations), Bern, Staempfli Verlag AG/Wien, Manz Verlag, 2005, European Business Organization Law Review 7 (2007), 879 - 884.

Review of: Kraakman/Davies/Hansmann/Hertig/Hopt/Kanda/Rock, The Anatomy of Corporate Law - a Comparative and Functional Approach, Oxford University Press, 2004, Journal of Corporate Law Studies 5 (2005), 515 - 522.

Review of: Mark Roe, Political Determinants of Corporate Governance, Oxford University Press, 2003, Journal of Corporate Law Studies 3 (2003), 429 - 434.

VI. Conference Reports

„Private Law in Eastern Europe – Autonomous Developments or Legal Transplants?” - Gemeinsame Konferenz des Max-Planck-Instituts (Hamburg) und des Instituts für Osteuropäisches Recht der Universität Kiel in Hamburg 27./28. März 2009 –, Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht 2010, 214 - 216.