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Elena Dubovitskaya, Kand. d. Rechtswissenschaften (Lomonossov-Univers. Moskau)

Senior Research Fellow, Unit for Russia and other CIS-Nations

Phone: +49 40 419 00 - 283

Facsimile: +49 40 419 00 - 288


Main Fields of Research:

Civil law, company law, intellectual property law 

Academic Career:

Born 1976 in Tschernogolovka (Russia); 1993 – 1998 study of law at the Lomonosov Moscow State University; 2003 research assistant at the Research Center for Private Law under the President of the Russian Federation; conferral of doctoral degree at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (topic: “Freedom of Establishment for Companies in the EC”); 2003 – 2007 study of law at the University of Bonn; 2009 – 2015 academic counselor at the University of Cologne, Chair for Civil Law, Commercial and Company Law, Labour Law and the Development of European Private Law (Prof. Dr. Dauner-Lieb)