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Dr. iur. Jürgen Samtleben

Senior Research Fellow (retired, Head of the Latin American Unit 1971-2002)

Facsimile: +49 40 419 00 - 288


Main Fields of Research:

Latin American Private Law and Economic Law; Private International Law and Procedural Law; Arbitration.

Academic Career:

Born 19 Jan. 1937 in Hamburg. – 1956-59 Romance and Music Studies; 1960-64 Legal Studies in Hamburg; 1965-66 Post-graduate Studies Faculdade de Direito Univ. São Paulo (USP); 1966-70 Legal Internship in Hamburg, Assistant at the Institute; 1971 Attorney at the Hamburg Bar; 1978 Doctorate Conferred Univ. Hamburg. - Research Fellow responsible for Latin America at the Institute (1971-2002); 1977 Research Stay in Mexico (UNAM) und Central America; Member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Lateinamerikaforschung ADLAF (1980-2004); Co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors of the German-Brasilian Legal Association DBJV (1982-88); Legal Advisor on a Study Commission of Amnesty International in Venezuela (1987); German observer of the Inter-American Specialized Conferences on Private International Law (Montevideo 1979, La Paz 1984, Montevideo 1989). – Guest Lecturer: Univ. São Paulo (1993), Univ. Nac. La Plata (1993), Univ. Nac. Córdoba (1997), Univ. Nac. Rosario (1997), Univ. Andina Simón Bolivar, Quito (1998); Univ.Fed.Santa Catarina, Florianópolis (2002); various lectures in Argentinia, Brasil, Columbia, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela.