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Doctoral Students at the Institute
Structured Supervision of Doctoral Students

The structured doctoral student supervision supports the institute’s doctoral students in carrying out their dissertation projects. It supplements their supervision through their formal doctoral supervisor and consists of three components: the introductory workshop “Doctoral Thesis: Methods and Tools”, regular doctoral student colloquia, and discussions with the doctoral student advisor.

Doctoral Student Representative

Once a year, the doctoral students and those academic employees at the institute who have not yet completed their dissertations elect the doctoral student representative. This person organizes and coordinates events such as the doctoral students’ lunch break in order to promote cross-subject and cross-team exchange among the institute’s doctoral students. The doctoral student representative also maintains contact with other legal-studies-oriented Max Planck institutes and the Max Planck PhDnet, providing information on their activities.

PhDnet and HanseHub

The PhDnet is a Germany-wide network made up of all the doctoral students of the Max Planck Society. It serves as an exchange platform for all its members and as a central point of contact for the doctoral student representatives of the various institutes.

The HanseHub has emerged out of this larger network as a regional group and is made up of institutes from Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Greifswald, and Plön. Within this smaller framework regular meetings are held for members to get to know the other institutes and to exchange information with the other doctoral students.